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Love Actually…is all around us


What is our conditioning? That we are something finite, comprehensible and concrete. Why are we conditioned? It suffices that you can exist beyond this conditioning. It is a call of awakening – and indeed – of self-love, because without knowing yourself, there is nobody to truly care for.

You see, with the self-recognition we talk about – comes self-love. Self-love is the ultimate transforming agent – both within and without. Within, it embraces all the fragments, fears, and confusions we have and hold and makes a being whole. And without, your impulse is no longer greed – born of mistrust – but to give, share, express, and care.

Only when we care for ourselves can we care for others, for we do not know the true meaning before. If caring can become our way of existence, negative impulses and actions simply fall away and are replaced by a friendly, compassionate, intelligent sense of purpose.

And so…

Try to take some time out of your routine to reconnect with who you are behind it all – and you will find a magnificent and benevolent existence for yourself and those around you.