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“Live” While You Make a “Living”


When was the last time you took a nice walk in the park with your favorite music on or cooked a lovely meal for your family? This sounds like something you need to plan and make time from your busy schedules, doesn’t it?

The fact that we are busy making a living and have practically stopped living is unquestionable.

Every day is mundane. You get up, go to work, complete your shift, and head home, only to fall back on your beds, lethargically.

While having a job and doing your work with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm is great, you do need to know that there is a life beyond “work-life”.

You make umpteen plans and promises, only to postpone them to the weekends. You basically have reduced your life to a “two-day-a-week” enjoyment.

It is about time you realize that; your children and pets wait to play with you, your friends are looking forward to meeting you, the shovels and spades still lay in the garden since the time you vowed to take up gardening, your family has a barbecue set-up in the backyard and here you are—all caught up in making a living and brushing-off the little joys of life.

We do read a lot of quotes, books, and articles that highlight the significance of enjoying life whilst you enjoy your work and all we do is read them up, then continue working rigorously, taking unnecessary stress, and eventually, looking for our long-lost enthusiasm for life.

There truly isn’t a need to compromise on work, because there is a “secret 25th hour” in your day. So, you do have the time to cook, play, read, sing, run, dance, and cherish life a little.

Your “work” and “life” can certainly go hand in hand.