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Cross Identity

Inspired by Nature 

Nature accomplishes the miracle of life with incredible ease and without any dissatisfaction. While from the outside it all looks so smooth and peaceful, millions of processes are at work inside all the time. 

We drew inspiration for CI from nature and made it simple from the outside while running the most comprehensive set of features and services inside. 

As you know workforce IAM consists of at least 3 major modules: Access Management (AM), Identity Governance, and Identity Administration. All three are essential elements for a complete IAM solution. We chose the path to CONVERGENCE and built a product with all the three elements, in perfect harmony with each other, inside one single code base. 

We are not like our competitors who build their products to impress from the outside: too many unnecessary features, Jazzy but complex UI, and unintuitive. They are also complicated and expensive to implement. The two recognized players in Converged IAM; Okta and Microsoft have very weak Identity Governance and Administration, are difficult to implement, and are incredibly expensive.  Breakdowns during upgrades, maintenance, and repairs are too common.

Converged IAM is the natural evolution of IAM. It combines AM, Identity Governance, and Identity Administration, into one product. Gartner says that 70% of new IAM implementations by 2025 will be Converged.

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Easy to use and implement. It has an inbuilt “Guided Help” feature which provides real-time screen-by-screen guidance to implement and use the software. We also offer several low-cost implementation assistance packages (Know more here)


Includes powerful Access Management, along with excellent Identity Governance and Identity Administration capabilities, all in a single product.


CI’s modules are built on a common codebase to ensure the highest possible efficiency.


The unified dashboard for ALL IAM activities improves simplicity and accessibility for users and administrators. CI is cloud-based, but also available on-premises.


Comes with iART – our Application Onboarding Requirements Tool. It helps automate application integration with the IAM environment. This is particularly useful if have many applications to integrate.


CI is the only pay-per-use IAM product on the market. You do not pay for the number of users as with a subscription model, you pay for each password Reset, Multifactor Authentication, users onboarded, moved or terminated, access requested, and access certified.


It comes with the largest number of options for post-implementation support too.


Cross Identity service-certified partners are carefully chosen and well nurtured to provide you with efficient and cost-effective support.

The world is looking to nature today to simplify things. There is a sweet symphony to the organic equations that underlie the inherent complexities of nature. CI reflects this as the natural choice for IAM.