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Instinct, Intellect and Intuition


These are the three layers of the whole science of mankind.

Instinct relates to the functioning of your body. Breathing, heartbeat, digestion, blood circulation…. A thousand things are going inside your body in which you have no role to play at all. Nature has given all essential functions of your body to Instinct.

To give meaning to your life, existence has given intuition to your heart. Out of your intuition arises the possibility of art, aesthetics, love, friendship-all kinds of creativity are indicative. Intuition is not rational because it is not from the mind. Painters, poets, musicians, dancers & actors – are all irrational.

Intellect is the functioning of the head. It is verbal, linguistic & logical. It can make palaces of words, systems & theories. It has created science that is based on “rationality” – what cannot be proven does not exist. That is why materialism is the greatest product of intellect as it can be seen & easily experienced.

Human beings have three energy centers; head, heart & being. These are represented by three physical centers: mind/head, heart & the naval reign(Hara). Head is the center of Intellect, heart is the center of Intuition & Hara is the center and connect to instinct.


Instinct is animal, it is biological. A mother looks after her kids lovingly, caringly and we admire the mother. But what she is doing is just biological, she is a robot in the hands of nature. She is helpless – she has to do it. Likewise, in some animal’s father has no instinctive fatherliness; on the contrary, many will kill their own children & eat them. Crocodiles are a great example. And we many think crocodile fathers are cruel. Not so. In truth they are simply pumped by the instinct to do so. In its vastly incomprehensible creation nature has created enormous diversity, just for the divine play (often called ”Leela”). In that a crocodile mother breeds hundreds of children many a times. If nature does not control. The population of crocodiles will possibly only remain in the rivers as they are at the top of aquatic life food chain. Hence nature packed the crocodile father with the instiret to kill its own children, in order to keep its population limited.

Instinct is physical – our past, based on the experience of millions of years, in fallible, never commits any mistake & does miracles in you of which you are not even aware. How does your food become blood? How does your breathing goes on functioning even when you are asleep? How does your body separate oxygen from nitrogen every moment of life? Instinct drives all your spontaneous physical functions and animal behavior. Falling in love is mostly instinctive, there is nothing great about it (perhaps that is why it is called ”falling” and not “rising”!). It is simply instinctive infatuation; male hormones being attracted by female hormones. One in just playing in the hands of nature. Your love is just illusion created by bio-chemistry. If romantic idea of love was taken away then perhaps no love affairs will ever happen. But Instinct is packed in biologically by nature and hence you have no choice but to “fall” in love! Instinct is required for your physical systems to exist.


Instinct is given to you by higher intelligence for survival I do not use the word “God” as it has thousands of meanings created by the mankind. When you use the word God – instead of feeling the ultimate origin of creation, thousand of different images affear in different people, driven more by their social conditioning than inner intelligence. Intuition appear is the medium to experience the higher intelligence itself. Painters, poets & all true artists express themselves intuitively. It is the recognition of divinity within man. Like instinct it cannot be explained, it can only be experienced, its results becoming visible. It is all about the “unknowable”. Madame curie was one of the greatest scientists (discovered radioactivity & was awarded the Noble prize). She had carried out experiments & theorized in inhnmerable ways to find some answers that would unlock the doors to the knowledge of radioactivity. Many years of scientific logical research could not make her unravel the equations she was looking for. One night when she woke up in the morning the equation was lying written on a piece of paper. She had unraveled one of the greatest mysteries of science in her sleep when the logical brain was not being exercised. That is a perfect example of “Intuition”.


Intellect is the functioning of your head. Logic, analytics, theorizing are though intellect. You need intellect to exist in the marketplace of today. It is mathematics, geography, history & chemistry – all science & technology are created by our intellect. Intellect is blind. It goes on creating knowing little whether the creation will be useful or not. It has created nuclear weapons that can destroy our earth millions of times. It has led to holes in our ozon layer leading to global warming & ecological imbalance, only through the senseless creation of materials that lead to self-destructing consumerism.

Intellect however has a rightful purpose. It is a bridge to take you from lower to higher planes of existence. Intellect is fallible because it is new, a recent arrival. Intellect lives through prejudices, it is never fair. Religion is a creation of intellect. If birds can live without religions, churches, mosques & temples, why can’t man? Birds and animals never fight religious wars. They can travel thousands of miles each year to reach a precise location without using any science that is based on intellect.

Intellect is not a bad thing in many ways it is the ladder from instinct to intuition. Unfortunately, mankind has used it wrongly and excessively. The bridge has become the destination. If used appropriately it can link you to higher intelligence, to higher consciousness. Intellect is like a stone in the path to evolution that can be used as a stepping stone or hinderance. Mankind has unfortunately used it as the final destination & that is precisely the cause of all our unhappiness and misery.


A wise human understands the three layers as the complete science of man. He creator harmony between the head, the heart, and the body. In this harmony comes the revelation of the source of one’s life, the revelation of the source of one’s life, the very center, the soul and there lies the greatest ecstasy!!!