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Innovation is in Cross Identity’ very genes; we create rather than copy and strive to fill gaps in the industry. We have been innovators for over a decade.

The only true Converged IAM Platform

Cross Identity saw the scope for a Converged Identity and Access Management platform that offered all elements of IAM in a single product and from a single dashboard. Our product includes Access Management, Identity Governance, Identity Administration, and Privileged Access Management, all under one roof.

In Gartner’s 2020 IGA Market Guide, Converged IAM was hailed as the technology of the future; two whole years after we developed our product. Gartner says that more than 60% of new IAM implementations by 2023 will be Converged. We are currently one of 3 existing Converged IAM vendors, and our product is by far the richest.

Thick-client Single Sign-on

Cross Identity holds a patent for thick-client SSO. We are the only company that knows how to integrate these apps into our SSO environment. Others do it in a roundabout way, such that if updates or changes occur in the app or the SSO software, there is the possibility of a breakdown requiring repairs. Cross Identity’ patented thick-client SSO process is simply far more elegant.

Ease of Access

Cross Identity’ Converged IAM offering boasts the simplest installation of any product out there. We realized that IAM staff were on short supply, and that not every organization could afford to keep such specialists on hand. We ensured that our product could be installed, managed, and utilized by laypersons, without the need for specialists.

Online Guided Help

Our product comes with an interactive ‘Guided Help’ that helps you install, manage, and utilize it without the need for trained staff. It is unique in that it offers guidance at every single step of the way.

Engineered to Offer Value

Cross Identity recognized that everybody needs powerful IAM, but that not everybody can afford what’s on the market.

We engineered our Converged IAM product to offer the lowest possible Cost of Ownership, with increased simplicity, low support requirements, and low admin overheads.

When it comes to value, we simply can’t be beat.

Cross Identity has received critical acclaim for its Converged IAM product. Amongst these are:

  • Most Preferred Workplace 2023- 2024 (IT & ITES Edition)
  • Best Innovative Company of the Year at Crown Awards 2023
  • Most Innovative in Converged IAM at the RSA Cyberdefense Awards 2021
  • Best Cybersecurity Solution of The Year at the National Feather Awards 2021
  • Innovation in Cybersecurity at the National Feather Awards 2021
  • Featured as a Leader in Innovation in the Kuppingercole Leadership Compass 2021
  • Featured in the Gartner IGA Market Guide 2020