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Identity and Access Management – Truly Simplified

Identity and Access Management- Truly Simplified

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a complicated technology. Most vendors sell products that reflect the complexity of IAM technology. They make what could be simpler even more convoluted.

CI has changed all that.

Converged Identity and Access Management

Trending IAM technology is about simplicity, high utilization, and low cost. Converged IAM technology combines Access Management (AM), Identity Governance (IG), and Identity Administration (IA) into one product. Gartner says over 70% of new IAM implementations by 2025 will be Converged.

A proper Converged IAM solution like CI from Cross Identity introduces simplicity that was before unseen.

Administrators can carry out all administrative activities like birthright provisioning, set password policies, provision, and de-provision accounts, manage user lifecycles, and perform access review campaigns – all from the same dashboard.

Users can Single Sign-on with Passwordless Authentication to all their apps with one click. They can request password resets and changes, request new access, and so on from one dashboard.

Implement without Prior Knowledge

CI was built for the mid-market. As such, it was engineered with simple architecture for ease of implementation, management, and use. Two aspects of the software accomplish this:

1. Simple architecture and dashboard presentation: IAM ignorant staff can implement, manage, administrate, and use the product with minimal help from Cross Identity or any other implementation partner.
2. CI’s unique “Guided Help” feature: This tool provides real-time prompts on the dashboard to implement, manage, administrate, and use the product effectively and efficiently.

Cross Identity and its partners provide inexpensive OEM implementation and post-implementation support if a customer wants assistance in implementing or managing the product. This offering is rare and unique in the IAM industry.

Simplified Features

Most vendors’ products report an average of 30% utilization. This is because they pack in as many fancy features as possible to entice customers. They also typically build products for larger enterprises with more complex IAM requirements.

CI sports Access Management, Identity Governance, and Identity Administration features that exactly match the needs of mid-market customers. Utilization is reported to be over 90%.

CI simplifies IAM further. For instance, other vendors’ products require administrators to enter separately into access requests or access certification modules to configure workflows. CI allows administrators to access both modules from the “Workflows” tab.

MSSP Ready

MSSP delivery is the preferred mode for mid-market customers today. It offers low overhead when a third party handles selection, implementation, management, and maintenance.

CI is the #1 choice of MSSPs the world around. Because of their ease of implementation and low overhead, MSSPs can inexpensively deliver a Converged IAM solution that delights customers. MSSPs have their own bandwidth limitations, much like customers. CI solves this challenge with its simplicity.

CI is also the only proper Converged IAM solution. As such, it future-proofs MSSP’s offerings as over 70% of new IAM implementations by 2025 are predicted to be Converged IAM.

It is also the world’s only Pay-per-use IAM solution. MSSPs know their customers demand this and are ready to deliver with CI.

Snappy Integration with Today’s Cybersecurity Ecosystem

CI readily integrates with all other major cybersecurity programs. It seamlessly integrates with and compliments Azure AD installations and AWS environments.

CI integrates with Cloudstrike and JumpCloud as well.

JumpCloud is the most promising cloud-based universal directory available today. Azure AD lacks essential features from Microsoft AD. JumpCloud sports all features of Microsoft AD, Azure AD, and more. It s also inexpensive in comparison.

Simple Doesn’t Mean Rudimentary!

CI is designed to be simple in architecture and execution. Implementation is a breeze and can be performed in-house. User adoption is maximized because the product is so intuitive to use. The Guided Help features fortify the ease of use and administration by providing real-time prompts on how to use and manage the product for both administrators and everyday users.

But CI is also one of the most cutting-edge IAM products!

It also features:

1. Context Multifactor Authentication
2. Passwordless Authentication
3. Software Utilization Reports


As evidenced, CI is the most simple, cost-effective, and cutting-edge IAM product on the market. Its simple architecture ensures easy maintenance, upgrades, and repairs. Its intuitive and uncomplicated dashboard ensures that administrators and users can utilize the product efficiently, effectively, and without struggle.

CI was engineered for the mid-market and only has features commonly used by small and medium-sized organizations. Utilization is over 90% in most cases.

The entry price is 1/6th compared to other products and offers maximized ROI. You can pay for what you consume rather than for each user. Monitor application usage and save on license costs with its free, inbuilt software utilization reporting tool.

CI is a star amongst IAM products.

Endorsed by Leading Analysts

CI is featured in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass, and Frost & Sullivan’s FROST RADAR, among others.

It has won many awards, including “Converged IAM Solution of the Year” at the annual RSA conference in 2021.

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