Cross Identity is by far the best fit for insurance companies and brokerage houses that are seeking to comply with the latest Identity and Access Management related guidelines from The Insurance Regulatory and Development Association of India (IRDAI).

About Cross Identity

Cross Identity has been making international waves for the last few years. Recently crowned the king of Converged IAM products, Cross Identity is featured in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass, and Frost & Sullivan’s FROST RADAR.

The product is for all companies who want a reliable and cutting-edge IAM solution with all features of IAM converged into one solution. It is the only true Converged IAM product in the world and offers Single Sign-on, Forced Single Sign-on, Password Management, Context Multifactor Authentication, Passwordless Authentication, User Lifecycle Management, Access Request, Access Review, and Orphan Account Management, all presented in a unified dashboard for ease of use by administrators and business users alike.

Indian Roots with an International Presence

Cross Identity is an Indian company with roots in the IAM domain going back over 20 years. We are veterans and have implemented and sold IAM products around the globe, and extensively in India too. We know the needs of Indian companies better than anyone else.

IRDAI Compliance

Recent IRDAI guidelines for insurance companies and brokerage houses suggest a stifling amount of control over Identity and Access related security. The only way to fully comply with these mandates is to adopt a solution like Cross Identity.

Here are some IRDAI mandates that were published and how Cross Identity can help you comply:

  • An insurance organization or brokerage house must supplement passwords (e.g. by using strong authentication such as smartcards, biometrics, or tokens), if and when necessary. To supplement passwords, our product offers multifactor authentication. It even offers adaptive multifactor and passwordless authentication using biometrics.
  • Access must be reviewed periodically. Cross Identity includes an Access Certification module which is perfect for periodic access reviews.
  • Organizations must maintain a repository of all users including third parties. Cross Identity even comes with a Universal Directory! You need not purchase any other directory: it is included in our base product.
  • All users shall be authenticated at a minimum by using User IDs and passwords before they can gain access to target systems to prevent unauthorized access to the Organization’s information assets. Cross Identity acts as the centralized authentication gateway (Identity/Authentication Provider) for users’ access. When a user is trying to access any application, Cross Identity forces them to perform authentication (with a password or Passwordless, based on authentication policies) and only then gives access to the application.
  • Access shall be timely revoked when users exit the organization. In Cross Identity, the Users’ access to various applications and systems will be terminated immediately and automatically when users are suspended or terminated.
  • Generic User-Ids/Service IDs shall be avoided and where no alternative exists, they shall be controlled and authorized by the Business/Asset Owner to avoid misuse and compromise of user accountability. Cross Identity enables organizations to manage generic user IDs and service IDs. Once aggregated/reconciled, the access information from the target application and systems can be assigned these types of access to User Identity. Also, through an Account Review process, organizations can ensure that this access is in line with the business requirements.

Foreign Quality at an Indian Price

We Indians always like a bargain but are also becoming more quality conscious. Cross Identity satisfies both. It is the most inexpensive IAM product on the market by a wide margin and offers the best ROI. But it is also an extremely powerful and streamlined product with features that other vendors have yet to offer.

How we offer the lowest price and ROI through our unique Pay-per-use pricing. Your company pays only for each Single Sign-on, Self-Service Password Reset, Multifactor Authentication, Access Request, User Onboarded, Access Review, and so on. The savings are immense.