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Fear of Death


The fear of death is a natural mechanism through which one protects itself and prolongs its existence in time. It is imprinted in your DNA that you don’t want to die. That’s why, you eat, you breathe, you avoid dangerous situations. So, your fear protects you, it protects your organism – otherwise, you would just die. For why to bother so much about surviving? Surviving is not logical, it is irrational. A compute, for instance, doesn’t care whether it is switched on or off.

The problem however, is a certain type of fear – a psychological fear. Psychological fear is not a response to the now but is fabricated by the mind. It is the fear of unknown. One is afraid of encountering one’s own absence. For what is death? It is natural to step back avoiding a car rushing at you on the street. This type of fear is natural, for it protect you. But if you are scared of “death as such,” waking up in the middle of the night, sweating and being terrified because suddenly you realized that you must die one day – this type of fear originates from ignorance and unconsciousness. The ultimate medicine against the psychological fear of death is to realize your unity with that which is beyond death.

From where does life arise? Who created life? The dimension of Beingness form which Creation takes place is beyond death and the illusion of time. One day you have to return to the place of your origin. How long can you perform the role of a separate being? When you truly experience unity with the source, light and love of creation – the fear of death become cleansed and dissolved. There is no other way, in truth When you realize unity with the Beloved, a deep trust replaces your fear. It is not even that you trust. There is just trust.

Most people try to avoid fear by creating belief systems about life after death or reincarnations. That is not trust but avoiding confrontation with the real problem of death. The real trust arises when you, as the mind become absence and absorbed. It is not that the mind trusts but that the absence of the mind is trust. It is the absorption into the deathless, which liberates you from the fear of your annihilation. If you are separated from the source of creation – this itself if fear……………………………..Anadi