Webinar on “IAM – How to Make it Simple!” by Cross Identity in collaboration with Raksha Technologies

Date: 22nd December 2020

Time: 11 AM – 12 PM IST

About the Speaker

Binod Singh

Binod Singh, President and Chairman of the Board,
Cross Identity


Digital Identities are at the heart of Digital Transformation. Thus, these identities must be managed seamlessly to achieve optimum levels of security and productivity in any organization.

“Identity Fabric” is now a core IT Security and Operations foundational layer. Identity and Access Management is not just another application that you should consider – it is an essential infrastructure component.

Demands on IAM have gone way beyond Access Management, Single Sign-On, and even Identity Governance.
Risk information has to be analyzed to trigger actions and exchanged with external sources for risk workflows to be triggered.

The expanding set of devices and access points combined with a mobile workforce and hundreds of mobile apps adds complexity to IAM.
Yet IAM can be simplified – to deliver to its promise and enable great user adoption. We’ll show you how we do this in a highly simplified manner in our upcoming webinar.