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IAM Solutions for Sensible Customers Who Feel That Cybersecurity Should Provide Inexpensive And Appropriate Security Controls For Honest Businesses

IAM Solutions for Sensible Customers Who Feel That Cybersecurity Should Provide Inexpensive And Appropriate Security Controls For Honest Businesses


I want to show you something special. Something that, I hope, will persuade you to join our Lean IAM movement.

Might it be your organization that believes in the need for high-quality and ethically priced cybersecurity products like Identity & Access Management, which are easy to consume?

I will give you some reasons to believe in the Lean IAM movement if such a concept is not already in your mind.


  1. Love and Business – Can the Twain Meet?
  2. Business Ethics
  3. Smallest Viable Market Empowers Vendors and Customers
  4. Socially Responsible IAM
  5. The Lean IAM Movement
  6. Our Leadership Philosophy
  7. About the Cross Identity IAM Platform
  8. Conclusion

Where is the Love?

Love might seem like some bleeding heart, new-age gibberish, but we’re talking about a different love.

  • Is it not an act of love for Starbucks to source ethically?
  • Is it not the love of Apple products that creates such devoted customers?
  • And is it not love and passion for one’s own products and industry that enables organizations to reach the top?

The cybersecurity industry is dominated by players who are out to extract a pound of flesh from their customers in return for securing them with the latest and flashy features.

They innovate – to stay ahead of competitors and retain market share. They market – for profit. And they price – to force customers who are unintuitive, unlike you, to dive deep into their pockets to secure their organizations.

In short, they function on fear – fear of data breaches, hacks, loss of control, and reputational damage. And they expect you to pay anything to get secured.

Cross Identity™ is not like that. We feel love – for the good and honest businesses that contribute to society, and we feel fulfilled when we can secure them at a reasonable price.

This is the Lean IAM movement. It is an industry transformation towards affordable IAM, delivered with love.


The police and the army don’t charge exorbitantly, showing off their latest weapons and spurring the crowd.

They operate silently and effectively behind the scenes. They toil for little money and act on duty rather than on selfish interest.

Why should cybersecurity be any different?

Why must a small startup, or a larger one for that matter, pay hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars for multiple siloed IAM solutions just to feel safe from hackers?

Yes, it costs considerably less than a data breach, but IAM vendors think the wrong way.

  • IT Professionals responsible for selecting and purchasing cybersecurity products are in love with technology. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s good, in fact. Love of something helps you to greater heights.

But a gap here is that great technology does not equal a great product.

It is the quality of the solution that results in something worth buying.

A solution is the holistic offering of a company that provides not just a suitable product, but one that is appropriate for their target market, and their budgets. A solution is an answer to a problem. A product is just technology.

A solution solves key challenges of a specific psychographic and demographic. It is honed to perfection to provide just the right product, and at just the right price.

This is socially responsible cybersecurity. This is ethical.

What Is There To Gain From Engineering And Selling Products To The Masses?

SMBs and SMEs constitute 99% of all businesses. No large business would survive without small, medium, and mid-market organizations. The latter supply important products and services and the former are reliant on these offerings to function properly.

So why do cybersecurity vendors price the way they do? And why do they seem to ignore the needs of SMB, SME, and Mid-market customers?

Enterprise customers are bigger deals. Smaller companies follow these larger ones because:

  1. Monopoly
  2. To feel safe – the other guys are doing it and so must I.

The Best Kinds of Companies and Their Smartest Customers

The best companies serve their smallest viable market with passion and love. And the smartest customers look for these guys, where they know they will be taken care of: whether it is price, product quality, innovation, customer service, or anything else.

The best companies believe in what the customer believes in. They don’t try to convince customers that their product is what the customer should buy. They align their products and marketing with their customers’ worldview. They don’t try to force change.

By definition, organizations who are exclusively looking to profit, and in this shameful case, from protecting good and honest businesses from cyberattacks, have little passion or love.

Would you trust your loved one with your house keys, or a stranger?

Large enterprises are many and are big money. The subscription model that creates high Annual Recurring Revenue for market leader IAM vendors is the meat and bone of their profits.

They have zero incentive to lovingly create high-quality products at an affordable price for SMB, SME, and Mid-market customers.

Believers like you, who feel violated by the high prices for what out to be social welfare products, should avoid these products.

Especially if there is a healthy alternative.

Socially Responsible Identity & Access Management

One begs to know, why did vendors with big prices enter this market?

The answer is simple – the right-time, the right-place, and a business opportunity.

Do you know of the latest box-office hit movies that gross billions of dollars in their first month?

These vendors are like that. Except that their market is a recurring one, and once they have a monopoly, it’s almost game over for the competition. Crowd mentality and lack of understanding of a very complex domain cause innocent and sensible customers with to succumb and buy from them anyway.

You know you are paying too much. You also know somewhere that this practice is wrong – it shouldn’t cost so much just to be safe when all you are trying to do is sell your own products to people who need and want them and flourish as a business with a purpose and vision.

I think people like you will benefit from joining the movement toward socially responsible Identity & Access Management.

Features of a Socially Responsible IAM Platform

  • We operate in their smallest viable markets. Not every product is for everyone, but a great product always has people willing to buy it. Anyone that tells you that they sell a product that serves every need is lying to you. They seek dominance and monopoly.
  • We choose our customers, it’s not just our customers that choose us. Customers connect with the solution. It serves their purpose because it is designed for them, not for the masses. Both the vendor and customer have had happy and mutually beneficial relationships for years because there is an underlying trust and relatability.
  • Innovation for innovation’s sake is just a trend. It might be a trend that will be around till kingdom come – but vendors who innovate for innovation’s sake way do it to just excite new customers. Features that solve no problem, but promise to deliver “better this” or “better that”, fail to see the underlying reasons for customer choices.

Aware customers like you want appropriate products at appropriate price points. And in a domain like Cybersecurity, you want ethical pricing.

You appreciate short sales cycles – especially modern and agile SMBs & SMEs & Midmarket organizations.

A socially responsible cybersecurity vendor innovates to stay ahead of hackers and effectively safeguard their smallest market.

They also innovate to provide more holistic solutions that answer as many needs as possible. It is a case of circular innovation which slowly pushes a product to its peak, rather than linear innovation, where snazzy features are just being constantly being added.

This kind of innovation is harder for a vendor to accomplish, and takes passion and love, as well as talent.

The Lean IAM Movement

Any movement for change requires three things:

  1. A Leader
  2. Intent to Transform
  3. Action

The Lean IAM Movement is about encouraging customers to take off their blinkers and search for IAM products like Cross Identity which offer high affordability, excellent product capabilities, an agile sales process, and excellent customer service.

It’s also about encouraging other vendors and upcoming IAM companies to be ethical and responsible in their business models and prices so that public good can become a priority in the industry and so that customers have many options to choose from.

We encourage up-and-coming IAM product companies to contact us to know more. Our expertise is free, and we would be happy to help you develop a socially and economically viable product. One vendor can’t do it all, and it might just be your organization that could answer the needs of a target customer base.

We are the leaders of this movement, but I was once told that great leaders create “second leaders.” That’s how a movement really lives on.

Cross Identity™ Is the Only Socially Responsible IAM Company

We don’t say this proudly. In an ideal cybersecurity landscape, there would be many choices for customers to find and purchase quality products at highly affordable prices.

But there are none. The market is dominated by vendors who seek to profit from the insecurity of hard-working companies like yours based on the ever-growing threats of cyberattacks, and the fear of loss of money or reputation.

We are pioneering a movement into socially responsible cybersecurity. We call it Lean IAM – lean costs, high efficiency, and a painless, non-disruptive, and quick sales cycle.

Our Leadership Philosophies

Cross Identity was founded in 2020 by Binod Singh, a philanthropic individual with a love for Information Technology.

In 2018, when he saw that honest businesses were being extorted for protection, he put his foot down and stated that “This won’t do. Companies should be protected from evil forces at any cost. And that cost might not be as high as these market leaders are proposing.”

Two years of R&D with a similarly inspired core team consisting of Pramod Panikkar Bhaskar, our CTO with a passion and love for IAM technology, Ashutosh Mishra, a genius coder who wants to only ever code for IAM, and Nitaant Singh, a lover of pure permission marketing and hater of interruption marketing – who resonated with and was called to Cross Identity’s vision, got together to create the Cross Identity™ Converged IAM Platform.

About The Platform

The result is a socially responsible Converged IAM Platform (CIP) that boasts every IAM feature available in siloed Access Management, Identity Governance, and Privileged Access Management features. It is also the only single-source CIP and leverages this for cross-module interactions to bolster security and improve user experience for customers.

Small groups can make big things, and grow bigger through it.

Soon after opening shop in 2020, Cross Identity was immediately recognized by analysts like Gartner and KuppingerCole as an Innovation Leader, and in 2021 as a Product Leader as well.

Our product has grown from a Converged Access Management + IGA offering to a full-blown AM + IGA + PAM + Password-less Authentication single-dashboard product that is ergonomically designed for ease of use and in a simple and inexpensive Pay-Per-Use model.

The product is designed for its smallest customer base: Startups, SMBs, and SMEs. And for mid-market customers with limited IAM expertise, low bandwidth, and small budgets.

Crucial Differentiators For Socially Aware Customers

  1. Can be easily self-implemented owing to various integrated guidance features and low-code workflows.
  2. Enables all Authorization functions like ULM, Access Request, and Access Review, and Privileged Account Management.
  3. Sports all Authentication features like Password-less Authentication (the only CIP to do so), SSO, MFA, and Enterprise Password Management with Self-Service Password Reset.
  4. Is developed with advanced modern authentication features like Contextual and Adaptive Authentication.
  5. Pay-Per-Use model where securing a thousand workforce users costs as little as $20,000 per year. This is less than a tenth the cost of other vendors.
  6. Micro-services delivery allows companies to choose which IAM modules they want to implement and use and when. Start small to reduce disruption, then go big when you are ready.

Our Viable Market

Readers like you want something that fits them just right and is inexpensive because security should be.

We serve modern industries like Media, Telecommunications, Information Technology, Renewable Energy, Fintech, IoT, Virtual & Augmented Reality, Digital Health & Telemedicine, E-Commerce, Social Enterprises, Online Education & Healthtech, and others.

We believe other industries would be served better by other organizations and make no qualms about it. However, our next-generation revolutionary Total IAM Platform (TIP) – Identity X- can handle a wider range of industry use cases and will be released early next year.

If you feel that the Lean IAM movement is for you, but your industry is not listed or your

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workforce user size is larger than mid-market, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our product scales well into tens of thousands of users and can satisfy many use cases from other sectors as well.

Our Ideal Customers

The psychographics of our customers include:

  1. Belief in good, honest, and ethical business practices.
  2. “Pay-it-forward” mentality.
  3. Passion for innovation in their organizations, which I promise we can match.
  4. Sensible businesses that can see overpriced products for what they are.
  5. Want to be secure, but don’t want to always worry about it.

We promise to deliver highly capable, quality Converged Identity & Access Management at the most affordable price. You will get peace of mind, improved automation, agility, and cost savings, and will be able to easily comply with regulations.

Our demographic for customers is:

Size Demographics

  1. Startups
  2. SMBs (USA)
  3. SMEs (EU)
  4. Mid-Market Organizations with budget challenges

Region Demographics

  1. APAC
  2. European Union
  3. South America
  4. USA

We currently only have the bandwidth and partnerships to fully serve customers in these regions. We refuse to serve customers who can’t be fully benefited by our products due to our own current limitations.

We know who our ideal customer is, do you see us as an ideal vendor or partner?


We know that many of you out there feel violated when you are charged exorbitant prices for something as basic as cybersecurity for your organization.

Why shouldn’t organizations function in a more socially responsible way?

Profits are to be found in any business, but cybersecurity is mandated by the presence of negative forces.

The police, firemen, and army work for low-cost to secure the people in their countries. Why can’t we do the same?

Love of our work and passion for our products and technology drive companies to truly innovate and provide real solutions to real problems. Not just products with endless horizontally expanding feature-sets.

Cross Identity™ is the only socially responsible enterprise that strives to provide high-quality Identity & Access Management products to low-budget SMBs, SMEs, and Mid-Market customers. We want your appreciation and long-term friendship in return.

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