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Meet Our People | Pramod Bhaskar | Employee Stories

Pramod B CTO | Cross Identity
Pramod Bhaskar
Chief Technical Officer

Our first job is always a memorable one, isn’t it? But, for Pramod Bhaskar, his first job is a truly special one. He started his career with Cross Identity and has remained here ever since.

Pramod holds an M.Tech in Software engineering and has been associated with Cross Identity for 15 years now. He joined as a software trainee and 1.5 years later, he had an opportunity to visit the US, Australia, Singapore, and Chile for various projects. Today, he is the Chief Technical Officer and is highly skilled in developing and implementing IAM solutions, Requirements Analysis, Enterprise Architecture, and Integration Services.

He sure is a workaholic but thoroughly enjoys reading, traveling and cooking as well.

When asked about his team, he says “It is team full of enthusiastic and passionate individuals. They learn and adapt fast, have a positive attitude and are extremely diligent to their work”.

Pramod has been with Cross Identity for a really long time, and here’s what he has to say about his journey “The company is growing at a fast pace. Each day, we learn something new. However, just as exciting the learning can get, we do find it a little difficult to “unlearn” it. Almost every day, we have a new project to work on, and we can handle different projects with efficiency only if we “learn and unlearn” quickly. However, the fact remains that – at Cross Identity, the opportunities are abundant, one can learn and experiment on cutting-edge technologies and the corporate culture is flexible and friendly.”

He also recalls his pet project – Identity Governance as a Service. Pramod and team had the best time learning how to make SaaS, cloud solution and an easy-to-configure IGA solution.

Pramod has been with Cross Identity for the longest time. His dedication, efforts and contribution to the company for 15 consistent years is truly commendable.