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Cyberknight Interview

  • Please give us a brief overview of CyberKnight

    CyberKnight Technologies is a cybersecurity focused value-added-distributor (VAD) covering the Middle East with on-the-ground presence in all key regional markets. Our ZTX (Zero Trust Security) methodology, based on the Forrester framework, incorporates emerging and market-leading cybersecurity solutions by leveraging AI, threat intelligence, and collective defense. CyberKnight's Art of Cybersecurity Distribution methodology enables strategic partners to achieve greater market penetration, return-on-investment, and time-to-value.

  • Could you tell us why you chose to partner with Cross Identity?

    Many organizations in the Middle East have struggled historically to deploy IAM successfully due to the multitude of siloed components required from different vendors, leading to complex integration and a negative impact on user experience. With Cross Identity’ unified approach in building CI, their comprehensive solution, customers can now restrict access to critical information, manage passwords effectively, provide seamless authentication, support digital transformation, and cloud adoption, all while providing centralized visibility through real-time reporting and analytics.

  • What are your plans on selling the Cross Identity proposition/Roadmap ahead in terms of the Cross Identity-CyberKnight Partnership?

    Due to Cross Identity’ consolidated, yet modular platform approach, both on-premise and in the cloud, and their willingness to support Middle East customers that have had their budgets reduced due to COVID-19 market dynamics, we anticipate significant market penetration, channel development, and new logo acquisition in due course. Now that we are fully activated in this first year of partnership, the seeding process will be in full swing where our primary focus will be awareness creation and low hanging fruit. This will enable us to focus on pipeline building at scale in 2021 bringing in key references across the region. We anticipate accelerated deal closure in 2022 while having Cross Identity being recognized as a go-to IAM player in the market.