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Cross Identity Scores Big with First Customers


Identity and Access Management vendor Cross Identity launched its revolutionary new product ‘Cross Identity(CI)’ on August 18, 2018. Promising a powerful yet simple all-inclusive IAM solution with both Access Management (Single Sign-On + Password Management) and basic IGA features, the customers came quick.

Fast forward, and the feedback from the first few customers has been nothing short of tremendously positive. The consensus has been that the product meets and exceeds expectations.
The global market has received the product with praise. Observing that CI is the first product that follows customer processes (instead of creating a process that a customer must follow), the word is that CI is perhaps the definitive answer to organizations with simple IAM needs.

The following elements in the solution have received positive response from customers:
1) Role-based Access Control (RBAC) – This feature is reportedly intuitive and easy to use compared to other products. “Excellent” was the feedback.
2) Patented Thick-client SSO – CI utilizes Cross Identity’ patented SSO technology for thick-client apps. Complex apps like SAP, Putty and Skype are handled with ease. Customers reported that they experienced a more streamlined SSO environment where “no apps were left out of the SSO scope”. This contrasts with the common experience of thick-client apps being left to their own authentication mechanisms.
3) Context Based Authentication – The solution sports location, device and time-based contextual authentication. For a product of this scope and at its highly competitive price-point, this feature created delight.
4) Access Governance – With an implementation time of under 4 weeks, CI is being regarded as the most quick and easy way to get basic Access Governance working.

Apart from thick-client SSO, these features are available in other products. But what Cross Identity customers have found to be of value is the synergistic and streamlined way all IAM elements are masterly fused together in CI. Nothing is out of place, too complex or left mostly unused. In fact, one customer reported an ROI of only 3 days. Feature usage from customer surveys appears to defy the 80-20 rule as the percentage of commonly used features is over 70%.

Finally, the market has been murmuring its appreciation for the competitive price of the product. Folk have started raising eyebrows at the industry as most products have poor ROI but high prices. In contrast, Cross Identity is slowly being seen as an organization that offers quality along with integrity. This is largely due to their business philosophy. Cross Identity CEO Binod Singh says that the domain is not natural in that its existence is largely a response to cybercrime. He asserts that IAM vendors have a duty to protect customers at all costs and not to try to maximize profits like a luxury car business.

Cross Identity’ product philosophy is not a generic one either. Their motto is ‘round pegs for round holes’ and that ‘one-size does NOT fit all’ – they believe in creating products that serve different customer segments precisely in the manner that best meets their needs. CI was created for organizations with IAM needs that are not extremely complex – such as SMBs and Educational Institutions.

CI has already been a boon for many of its initial customers. It is proof that Cross Identity stands by its vision and product philosophy, and that the company puts the money where the mouth is. In an industry where long implementation times, incomplete implementations and poor ROI are the de facto standard, this company might be paving a way for a new future.x.

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