Cross Identity: Converged IAM Solutions for Enhanced Security

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Cross Identity is Beautiful


IAM is complex technology. Access Management (AM) to Identity Governance and Administration (IGA), Privilege Access Management (PAM), Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), Consumer Identity & Access Management…. There are so many powerful technologies that belong to the domain which not only improve security and compliance but also improve business efficiency and effectiveness significantly. For the most part, these technologies were invented in response to business needs. With most vendors, each technology requires its own administration, user interface, and information input, and most vendors only offer one or a few of these technologies. The outputs also remain separate, often making users grapple with administrative complexity.

While large enterprise clients can somehow manage to deal with these complexities, mid-market has found it impossible to contend with. Not only costs become prohibitive, but one also cannot see or afford special skills that are required to manage them. Extended implementation time frames, often running into years, cannot be provided by mid-market clients. But, on the other hand, with increasing compliance and security needs, IAM has become an essential Cybersecurity solution.
For mid-market, no solution to these issues has been in sight… at least till a year ago.

‘Cross Identity’ product was specially crafted from the ground up, to attend to these issues. Based on a compact architecture that supports all IAM functions out of the box, Cross Identity is fast becoming the product of choice for the mid-market. It has been in the Leadership Compass of fundamental analysts for innovation and ease of implementation and use. The solution is offered at a highly economical price, with 5 to 10X savings being reported by most businesses. The cherry on the cake is the product’s excellent analytics & comprehensive risk engine that can work as part of a broader cybersecurity ecosystem.

No wonder mid-market customers, driven by security, compliance, and various other absolute needs, are lapping Cross Identity up with enthusiasm that has rarely been observed in the IAM world before.

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