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What is Cross Identity Expert Assessment?

Cross Identity is now providing a complete end-to-end assessment of your IAM posture. The aim of this is to process the information of your solutions and provide you with actionable information. We assess and analyze your current state with respect to organizational security and provide you with the right plan and roadmap to reach the ideal future state.

We carry out a thorough gap analysis of the solution, understanding the solution with our prerequisite industry standards. The assessment is done on the four building blocks of IAM – Identity Administration, Access Entitlements, Access Governance, and Access Compliance Measurement with Identity Analytics.

Post the assessment, we provide a robust roadmap so that your organization can achieve its IAM goals and an implementation plan to execute them.

What is CI Assessment | Cross Identity: Converged IAM Solutions for Enhanced Security
  • IAM Maturity Model follows existing standards like CMMI and Cobit.
  • The IAM Maturity Model provides independent assessment criteria
  • The IAM Maturity Model can be used to measure where the organization is, to efficiently decide where to go and for measuring progress against the goal

Why is it better than free version?

Cross Identity, a 20+ year old IAM company is a pioneer in the industry. We’ve been recognized by industry analytics time and again for our innovative solutions. Cross Identity’ offerings are known for their unique features and ease of use, driving superior ROI and exceptional user adoption rates. With such a rich experience, we are well versed with the domain and understand every nitty-gritty detail. We are always looking for better solutions from the perspective of the customers. IAM assessment tools enable us to provide you with our industry experience and ensure your solutions are capable enough to stand the test of time.

Thus, with Cross Identity’ assessment of your IAM solutions, you will be assured an in-depth evaluation by industry experts. You can leave the evaluation, and remediation of your IAM tool to us while you focus on your business.

  • Process methodology – High level
  • Pricing options – Paper (Interview & Doc) based assessment /technology assisted
Paper Based
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