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Cross Identity Completes Azure AD

More Than 50% of Workforce Authentications Will Soon Be Passwordless

Azure AD is the most popular tool for Access Management. However, most Identity Management, Governance, and Identity Administration features must be fulfilled manually. For example, users must be created manually. Then the users must manually be assigned to apps. It is cumbersome and a waste of productive time.

Cross Identity Automates Most Identity Processes in Azure AD

Luckily, there’s an answer. And is affordable and cutting-edge technology.

Cross Identity automates the following Identity-related processes in Microsoft Azure Active Directory

  1. Users are automatically created in Azure AD based on the HR database
  2. Automated birthright provisioning
  3. Auto-adjustment of access upon lifecycle changes (Promotions/Transfers)
  4. Automated revoking of access when users are terminated
  5. Out-of-the-box Orphan Account Management
  6. Out-of-the-box ‘Who has access to what’ reports
  7. User access can be governed with Access Certification
  8. Automatic account creation in target application when a request is approved but an account doesn’t exist

Compare this to Azure AD’s manual processes:

  1. Manually create users
  2. Manually assign users to apps
  3. Manually revoke or grant access based on changes in user lifecycles
  4. Manual revoking of accounts when users are terminated (which can lead to orphan accounts)
  5. No ‘Who Has Access to What’ reporting. Instead, it is a tedious manual process
  6. No review/recertification. Major compliance guidelines like SOX, HIPAA, and GDPR mandate appropriate access review systems.
  7. When a user requests access to an application, the app owner/IT admin must manually create an account in the target app

As you can see, Cross Identity enhances Microsoft Azure AD by automating many critical account and access related IT activities. The result is reduced cost, improved security, and an improved user experience.

The Solution of Now and the Future

But just these are not all the benefits of Cross Identity.

Cross Identity is the most promising IAM product to date. This is due to its three unique and powerful selling points.

  1. Cross Identity is the world’s only true “Converged IAM” technology. Leading industry analyst Gartner predicts that over 70% of new IAM implementations by 2025 will be Converged.Converged IAM combines all Identity and Access Management (IAM) features into one product that sports a unified dashboard. There is no other product that offers powerful Access Management, broad Identity Governance, as well as Identity Administration – all in one tool. Other tools offer only one of these 3 technologies, so organizations must purchase, combine, and integrate multiple software to achieve a complete IAM environment. Cross Identity sports Single Sign-on, Enterprise Class Password Management, Context Multifactor Authentication, User Lifecycle Management, Access Request workflows, Birthright Provisioning, Access Reviews, and Orphan Account Management. All features are accessible through one single dashboard for both admins and users alike.
  1. Pay-Per-Use. Cross Identity is the world’s first and only Pay-Per-Use IAM solution. The entry cost is tiny, especially compared to purchasing multiple non-Converged solutions from different vendors, and the ROI is maximized. Customers pay only for each unit consumed. Since organizations’ costs only increase with benefits, the ROI is completely maximized. Decision-makers would be hard-pressed to find a reason not to buy Cross Identity.
  2. Engineered for mid-market customers. Small and medium businesses account for over 90% of global businesses. Chances are that your organization or organizations that you sell to, fall in this category. Cross Identity’s features were designed for mid-market organizations. Other products are designed as one-size-fits-all software. They have features that large organizations need, and are complex to implement and use.

Cross Identity only has features that will be used by mid-market customers. Customers report utilization of over 96%. This further enhances the ROI of the product.

Full implementation of other IAM products, including integration with apps. typically takes 6 months to 1 year. We know that mid-market customers don’t have so much time to find utility in a product. Cross Identity can be implemented in weeks. It sports a unique real-time prompt-based Guided Help system which walks administrators through implementation and usage steps. The Guided Help feature also shows users the ropes of using the product.

A Complete Array of Features in One Product

Cross Identity also sports these following cutting-edge IAM features.

Passwordless Authentication

Passwords are old hat. Authenticate your users using fingerprint, voice, or facial biometrics. Boost security while improving user experience.

Forced SSO

Reports say IAM adoption across organizations is slow and only partial. Forced SSO ensures that users can only login using Cross Identity.

Thick-client Integration

Legacy, homebrew, and other thick-client apps should not need to be ripped-and-replaced with cloud solutions unless your budget allows it. Cross Identity integrates with all thick-client apps.

Secure Access Gateway

Forced SSO is not enough. Web application logins must be redirected through the Identity Provider. Cross Identity’s Secure Access Gateway enforces this.

AI Guidance to Use and Manage

IAM expertise is expensive. Eliminate the need for dedicated IAM staff when our Guided Help feature provides real-time prompts on how to implement, manage, and use the software.

Free Cloud Directory

Cross Identity includes a free LDAP-based cloud directory.


Cross Identity is the ideal tool for Microsoft Azure AD users. It compliments Microsoft’s cloud directory by automating Access and Identity Governance processes. It has a low entry cost, low total cost, and high ROI, and was engineered for mid-market customers. It is the world’s only Pay-Per-Use IAM solution. It is the world’s only true Converged IAM technology, which Gartner says will account for over 70% of new IAM implementations by 2025.

Cross Identity is featured in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, KuppingerCole’s Leadership Compass, and Frost & Sullivan’s FROST RADAR.