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Cross Identity Billed as a 2018 Rising Star for IT Security


Cross Identity Billed as a 2018 Rising Star for IT Security Software by a Notable Platform for Software Reviews

Cross Identity continues to prove its worth in the industry. One of the most reputed analytical review platforms for B2B and SaaS solutions recently conducted a comprehensive review of Cross Identity.

To deliver a holistic CI overview, FinancesOnline gauged our customer feedback. We are pleased to announce that the results were resoundingly positive, with CI garnering a 91% user satisfaction rating and receiving the 2018 Rising Star award.

The Rising Star award was given to CI under FinancesOnline’s IT security research banner. This distinction indicates that customers largely deem our product as a reliable brand for accomplishing their various workflows and processes.

Cross Identity has been creating robust solutions for over 18 years. The 2018 Rising Star award is a testament to our unwavering determination to cater to various business sizes and industries to fulfill their unique organizational requirements.

Going by FinancesOnline’s review, one of the main reasons why customers love CI is its impressive smartphone-like user interface. They stated, “every application is readily visible and accessible, enabling them to perform user operations without any friction.” According to their experts, CI also competently handles and automates the whole identity and access management lifecycle “without making the whole management process complicated.”

In the FinancesOnline IT security analysis, CI was also recommended as a top choice for enhancing one’s cybersecurity requirements. They also commended our SSO and password management as well as our nested-multi-tenancy capabilities.

Because of its intuitive design, CI was conferred with the Great User Experience award for 2018. This award is given in recognition of a product’s consistent quality user experience.

Experience for yourself the award-winning software. With unparalleled solutions, Cross Identity has something for all SMBs.