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CI- Try it before you buy it


A free trial of anything, from ice cream to software product allows you to experience it and really understand how much it is to your liking.

Understandably, the stakes are low when you want to decide if your palette conforms to that free trial of ice cream against making an investment to buy a product for your organization.

A free trial allows you to personally interact with the product, sparing you pages of technical jargons of the nitty-gritty product details to understand it. You explore as you go, experience it first hand, and get an overview of its impact on your everyday life at work.

You must try your Identity Management product before you buy it

The Identity and Access Management domain revolves around business, people and technology. Its use cases in an organization can be as primal as managing your passwords to the task of providing the right accesses to the right people and ensuring top-notch security.

When a product can essentially make or break your company, it is imperative you experience it firsthand before you invest in it. Thus, free trials in this domain are more than just an option–they are a necessity.

Experience our IAM breakthrough yourself

The leading analyst, Gartner, recommends the customers to demand an Access Management product with lightweight IGA and expects IDaaS to be the leading delivery model for IGA as well.
Well, let me tell you with Cross Identity, you don’t have to demand, you can get it right now, within minutes.

Our product, CI is the first of its kind. A powerful Access Management product with full-featured Identity Governance and Administration functionality—all in cloud. It is lightweight—not in features but in its ease of use, implementation time and cost—with rapid time to value.

No one in the industry can provide you with these solutions and with the magnitude that we do. Go ahead, look around, you will realize that our scale is unmatched.

Even if you do not have an Identity Governance and Administration solution in place, CI is a great place to start. With its modular approach, you get the modules you want—when you want it, understand the features and scale it as you go.

We provide you 30 days to explore the product as you like, get comfortable and see for yourself how intuitive, simple and user-friendly ‘CI’ really is. Explore the product yourself and not just the perception of its value.

You can experience the complete SSO solution, be it to thick client applications like SAP ECC, SAML applications, web applications, and custom apps–name it and we can integrate it for you. Once subscribed, you get the integration to all your web applications—absolutely free.

Others may be claiming to integrate thousands of applications for you, but did they tell you about the applications which are developed by you? We empower you with a wizard where you can do it yourself. How about others letting you do it yourself? Probably not.

You get self-service password capabilities such as Password reset, and Account unlock. Say goodbye to all the help-desk assisted password resets, when you can do it all yourself. You can also eliminate the need to remember multiple passwords with our Password Sync capabilities.

Streamline the granting and revoking of access through provisioning and de-provisioning capabilities. Integrate with any directory and set up any source as your System of Truth to import your user identities. Govern ‘Who has access to what’ with ease with our Access Governance solutions.

When you integrate two different solutions for your IAM needs, from two vendors, you utilize two user directories. It is an alliance which at the end of the day, does not benefit your organization. With Cross Identity, seamlessly use one user directory for your Access Management as well as Identity Governance and Administration solutions.

To attain absolute ROI, reports and analytics are expected in a robust manner from the admins—to give you an overview of all the logins, forgotten passwords, orphan accounts and so on. But, how much information is your admin capable of processing? More so, what is their level of interest in areas you consider important? We understand this very crucial discrepancy and have devised a dashboard like no other.

Here, you can create a role and tie accesses to their flow. Based on this, users can be added—who subsequently get access to various application metrics based on their role. With this system, your security heads who are most probably not interested in operations reports, can be provided access into orphan accounts and get the information they need. These are persona-based dashboards which decentralize the IAM operations ensuring the concerned people view the reports of their interest and efficiency is not compromised.

How about if you want to decentralize your IAM operations further into departments—or even to the companies you have acquired? How do you manage all the different applications which cause a conflict of interest and yet function as one organization? For the first time in the IAM domain, Cross Identity brings a term called sub-tenanting. Here, you give administrator rights from Company A to Company B for ‘CI’ and tailor the rights accordingly.

At Cross Identity, we do not want you to spend an enormous amount of time managing vendors, multiple products, different licenses and most importantly in acquiring these products. ‘CI’ is the complete Identity and Access Management product for all your IAM needs. You can access the entire solution in less than an hour.

‘CI’ is leaving its footprint across the globe and organizations are moving towards the new-age IAM solution, when will you?

Experience ‘CI’ today. Sign up for our free trial?