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Things to Watch Out for 2019


Here are some of the exciting things that Cross Identity sees happening in 2019.
Identity plus is going to become the product of choice for Identity Governance & administration in the public cloud. With its simplicity, price performance ratio and the host of modifications and enhancements that are planned for the year 2019. we have no doubt it will be a stunner.

Compact identity will become the product of choice for all those customers who want a simple and yet comprehensive Identity and Access Management Solution. CI is a unique product, an intelligent combination of Access Management and Identity Governance & Administration. It offers a perfect platform for companies to begin their Identity and Access Management journey. In contrast to the world of Identity and Access Management getting divided vertically between Access Management and IGA, Cross Identity CI stands tall as a product ensuring both technology requirements are met by one single product, specially for customers who would like to begin their Identity and Access Management journey.

Hybrid identity will provide a very potent mix and match solution for those customers who already own an Identity and Access Management product. This can be true either for IGA or an Access Management. Customers who are looking to enlarge their solution would find Cross Identity Hybrid Identity solution very attractive. It is also going to be extremely useful for customers who are looking forward to an external company managing their Identity and Access Management Solution.

There is going to be a much larger footprint in Europe for Cross Identity. The spread is also going to be in the geography of Australia and Canada where we already have first partners. Needless to say Cross Identity would have a major go at increasing its footprint in the existing customer installations in the US geography.

Cross Identity is targeting more than 100 percent growth in revenue and profits. Given the host of solutions like Identity Plus latest version and compact identity this is not difficult at all.

In summary Cross Identity would have fully arrived in the year 2019, having become one of the most complete solution providers in the Identity and Access Management area. Its philosophy of “round pegs in round holes” would turn out to be totally true in the year 2019.

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