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The momentous journey of Cross Identity


Turtles can tell more about roads than hares- Kahlil Gibran

Surely traveling a road fast has its merits. The most profound merit is that you reach your destination fast. But what if I say “The journey is as important as the destination”? That the destination can many times be reached out of sheer luck- “being with the right thing, at the right place, at the right time”?

In Cross Identity we have understood this well enough. 18 years of the journey has made us see the rough patches, green pastures, flowers and thorns alike. It has given us the opportunity in the first place to understand what the problems and issues of the customers are. Having implemented more than 500 complex projects in IAM we have seen and finally understood core issues that lead to stressed implementations and failures. Analysts speak every day to tens of customers about their issues and what they need to solve these issues. While their suggestions may have a lot of merits what the analyst lack is a hands-on experience.

When we set out to develop our products, we were backed by solid experience. This has enabled our customers to eliminate implementation failures.

Our objective was to provide solutions that would be simple yet comprehensive, affordable, easy to understand, implement and support. That is what you see in “CI”. When the world of IAM is being split into Access Management and Identity Governance and Administration, Cross Identity has put it all together to simplify things for most customers. From Single Sign-on, Password Management, Authentication to Role-Based Provisioning, Access certification and license management with most comprehensive and customizable dashboards in the industry “CI” stands out as a path-breaking solution that has been made with only one thing in mind – “customers”.

Time has come when customers need to decide whether they want to continue to make decisions based on “borrowed knowledge” reflected in “Magic Quadrant” or bank on decades of experience of a company like Cross Identity that has solid 18 years of solving customer problems.

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