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The Missing Piece of the IAM Puzzle for Mid-Market Organizations

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Traditionally, Identity and Access Management has been considered an investment only pertinent to large scale enterprises. However, over the last few years, with an exponential increase in the number and types of security threats and data breaches, the relevance of IAM has permeated to the mid-market businesses as well. As the mid-market swells in both size and potential, it becomes critical to address some of the key challenges faced by these organizations while choosing the right solution for Identity and Access management. Unfortunately, most solutions available today have been built to cater specifically to large enterprises or offer one-size-fits-all solutions that lack targeted features because they only include the most used features across business sizes.

Cost is one of the largest challenges the mid-market faces as products built for larger enterprises are priced heavily and are not an affordable option for midmarket companies. Since ROI is extremely important in this segment, not only must the solution be economical, it must also include all the features and functionality to make IAM implementation as seamless as possible without the need to evaluate or integrate multiple products/solutions.

Another challenge is the implementation timeline. Most solutions take months to implement, and on-premise solutions can take over a year. Solutions must be quick and easy to implement for mid-market customers and startups to get started with IAM quickly and experience better value for their investment.

Maintenance is another area of concern. Highly skilled identity management professionals are scarce and as a result, very expensive. Therefore, mid-sized businesses look for vendors that provide continued maintenance and support to be able to maintain their environment without any hassle.

Dashboards must be simple and intuitive and yet offer superior control with different kinds of reports and visualizations for informed decision making.

Cross Identity is a revolutionary product built by Cross Identity Product using extensive experience spanning thousands of implementations and deep insight of more than two decades in the IAM domain. It  offers a host of additional features that are uniquely positioned to serve the needs of mid-sized organizations.

Cross Identity is perhaps the most economical solution on the market in terms of base cost and offers several pricing options as well. It can be purchased as a perpetual license, a subscription, or as independent, stackable modules such as password resets as a service (PRaaS), or Access Reviews as a Service (ARaaS).

It can be implemented in half the time compared to other solutions, and by existing staff quite easily without the need for any domain expertise in implementation.

Cross Identity leads to user adoption rates as high as 90% compared to other solutions which only lead to 70-80% of adoption as they offer features that are quite complex and never really useful for the end-user. But CI has been built on years of customer feedback and focuses on delivering easy workflows and a delightful user experience, ultimately leading to higher user adoption.

Cross Identity subscriptions come with the benefits of SaaS – vendor side updates and maintenance. Your cloud subscription to the solution has all maintenance and upgrades completed when users arrive at work.

Additionally, Cross Identity offers several unique features that highly benefit the midmarket. Identity Governance and Access Management modules are built upon a common code base, and as a result they interact and integrate very well with each other. CI offers thick-client support as well, not offered by any other solution in the industry. Privileged Access Management(PAM) is also tightly integrated into CI, rendering it the only comprehensive solution that offers end-to-end IAM capabilities of Single Sign-On(SSO), Multi-Factor Authentication(MFA), Password Management, Identity Governance & Administration(IGA) and PAM.

A revolutionary new element of Cross Identity is the pay-as-you-go buying model, which can be coupled with our unique approach of different features being available independently. You can purchase an Access Review module, for instance, without buying any other features. You can then add features as you proceed in your business journey and integrate with any IAM solution. If you already have a solution that lacks some modules, you can purchase that module with ready integration to that solution. This is ideal for midmarket customers who want to stick their toes in the water first rather than diving into a full-fledged IAM product.

Cross Identity was built from the ground-up, especially for midmarket customers. It has all the necessary features as well as some unique ones and is priced economically any which way you slice it. The perpetual license is inexpensive compared to other vendors and subscriptions as well. The pay-as-you-go module-by-module option offers flexibility and enables startups and smaller customers to start experiencing the benefits of IAM without high costs or hassles. Talk to us today for a free assessment on your current state of IAM and to figure out how Cross Identity might be the right solution for your organization’s IAM needs.

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