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Pay up to 70% less on the cost of your current IAM!

Pay up to 70% less on the cost of your current IAM!

Let’s face it: IAM is costing you a fortune.

You may have Access Management (AM), and maybe Identity Governance and Administration (IGA). They may have come even from different vendors. And these subscriptions would typically be costing you $100,000 to $150,000 per year, for just 2500 users. You may not also be getting any synergy between the two modules.

Why pay the same for every user when consumption across departments varies hugely? And why pay when the user is on leave ? Security and engineering departments typically use up to 100% of IAM resources multiple times per day. But sales may only 10% of IAM functions just twice or thrice per week.

There’s a better way!

Industry’s 1st pay-per-use IAM

Pay us less than $10,000 for cloud hosting and live support, then just pay for what you consume. Pay for each single sign-on, password reset, multifactor authentication, access request, and so on! Our customers say their   yearly costs are up to 70% less than their old vendors, and utilization is much higher!

Transitions are always painful?

Not really, it’s easy to make the shift with Cross Identitys.

Our flagship Converged IAM product, CI, is designed to be easily implemented by customers on their own.

Our ‘Guided Help’ feature with real-time prompts helps you do this. Our Customer Portal has more documents to help ease your implementation process. It even has templates for different industries and scenarios. We even have tools like iART (Cross Identity Application Onboarding Tool), onboarding new applications has never been easier! The tool automates a large part of the data collection process and conducts first-time verification on its own.

Last, but not least, Cross Identitys offers 4 different implementation support packages. Choose from Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Enterprise packages. Bronze offers basic support – access to our customer portal and 8×5 support. Silver, Gold, and Enterprise packages offer increasing levels of support, including dedicated onsite or offsite engineers who will do more than just help you implement. They will assist with creating an IAM roadmap for your future, train your employees, help with the project plan, architecture, solution design, and technical consultations.

Post-implementation support made easy

Cross Identitys offers 4 post-implementation support packages: Classic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Classic support is free and includes 8×5 technical support. Silver, Gold, and Platinum dedicate increasing amounts of resources including onsite or offshore resources to help you manage your IAM deployment effectively. The paid packages include 24×7 support, instructor-led training for your employees, tool adoption and utilization tuning, and more.

The world’s best Converged IAM platform

Gartner says that Converged IAM will account for over 70% of new IAM implementations by 2023.

Why pay for Access Management and Identity Governance and Administration separately? It just costs more, and integration is a chore. Converged IAM combines AM and IGA into a single product.

But CI goes further – it includes Privileged Access Management and advanced Identity Analytics as well. All technologies are seamlessly engineered from one codebase and presented in a unified dashboard.

You can benefit from new technological possibilities with CI. For example, CI can consider the list of entitlements assigned (IGA) and step-up or step-down authentication based on this (AM). Or, if a user performs multiple unsuccessful logins within a short time (AM), a CI can immediately initiate a micro-certification process (IGA). These enhanced features only exist in CI and will boost your security posture and ROI by wide margins.

Lower cost of entry

Most per-user subscriptions can cost anywhere from $100,000 to $150,000 per year for 3500 users.

With CI, you pay a small, fixed cost and deposit of around $10,000 for 3500 users, then only for what you consume.

You can bill pay-per-use transactions as current expenses, justifying of your IAM purchase more easily.

Best cost-benefit on the market.

The ROI of most per-user IAM subscriptions is abysmal, especially in the first year. This puts pressure on the security team to justify the expense.

Implementation can take months, and complete adoptions months more. Most organizations see bottom grade ROI from their per-user IAM subscriptions in the first year.

With CI, the cost only increases in line with the benefit. As adoption grows, only then does the expense. Your ROI will always be high! Justifying IAM expenses has never been easier.

Don’t just ditch your IAM, integrate!

CI can seamlessly supplement your current IAM installation with its top-notch integration ability. If something is working well for you right now, but you need support in other areas, we can easily integrate CI with your existing IAM deployment within weeks (not months!)

It’s time to jump ship!

Standalone Access Management, and IGA are sinking ships. It’s only a matter of time before they are defunct, and you’re stuck with technology that’s past its prime. They also cost too much and lack features that only a true Converged IAM product can offer.

Pay-per-use ensures a lower total cost. It offers much better ROI and gives you true flexibility.

And making the transition has never been easier. Implement CI yourself with minimal support with our Guided Help feature with real-time prompts and implementation templates. Additional support is easily available.

Why wait? Visit for more details or click here (link) to be contacted by one of our executives!

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