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We all have it and we all suffer from it: Password Overload. Six out of ten businesses say that remembering passwords has a negative effect on user productivity. Password overload is a real problem not only when it comes to being able to remember all those passwords, but it is a password security risk that can put an entire organization in danger.

In a recent Digital Guardian survey, 30% of the respondents told the survey that they had too many passwords to count. And no wonder because the average email address in the US is associated with 130 accounts (think about that and how many accounts you are associated with!). And as we all know, difficulty in remembering passwords can not only drive us crazy, it also drives a risky behavior.

So, what’s your behavior when it comes to finding a way to remember passwords?
Could your habits be a threat? Do you have a tendency to reuse old passwords? Do you write down all your passwords on a piece of paper? Do you keep them in a file on your computer? Do you keep them in a file on Drop Box? Do you save them as contacts on your phone? Do you have an opportunity to use a password manager? Is your behavior risky?

It is clear that people rely on a multitude of tactics to remember their passwords for the many digital services they access. Far too many users rely on outdated and insecure password practices because remembering passwords is so hard, people often use the same easy password for multiple accounts and that’s a hacker’s dream – 90 percent of employee passwords can be figured out in six hours, according to while 68% of people want their companies to provide an extra layer of security.

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So, what’s the best way to remember of all those passwords? Use a strong password practice with inbuilt security that relies on a robust primary password that you won’t forget. Enterprise users can achieve this through Single Sign-on that is secured with a Password Manager. With Cross Identity Xpress Password and Cross Identity Single Sign-on, employees can achieve it all with one password to remember that unlocks all applications without each having have their own passwords. And like a mobile phone with stored phone numbers, you don’t need to remember all of them…one click and you’re in with that one secured password that was easy for only you to remember and strong enough to protect the organization through the Cross Identity Enterprise Password Management solution.

Hackers count on our lazy risky habits. Let’s change that now.

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