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Soaring Greater Heights: KuppingerCole Names Cross Identity an Innovation, Product, and Technology Leader


KuppingerCole Analysts released its 2019 Leadership Compass for IDaaS IGA and named Cross Identity an Innovation, Product, and Technology Leader. Earlier this year we were also named as an Innovation Leader for IDaaS Access Management!

In under a year of launch, CI has demonstrated our capabilities to make meaningful strides in the IAM domain.

Being named an innovation leader exemplifies the essence of our ideology—customer-centricity. Innovation in technology is critical to stay relevant in the industry. More importantly, innovation enables growth because it helps solve critical customer issues.

We seek to solve the practical challenges that the industry faces with traditional IAM players. Our extensive experience in implementing and supporting IAM solutions in the past allowed us to think in the shoes of the customer and create solutions that help drive user adoption.

As KuppingerCole says, “Innovative companies take a customer-oriented upgrade approach, delivering customer-requested cutting-edge features while maintaining compatibility with previous versions. “

Being named as a Product and Technology Leader speaks for itself. The analysts examined the functional strength and completeness of the solution. In an era where software solutions come and go, being admitted to the elite leadership quadrant in just a few months is a testimony of our organizational prowess to stay relevant for years to come.

Prime takeaways from the report:

The KuppingerCole report stresses on the broad scale of IGA capabilities that CI delivers while covering IDaaS access management capabilities, from lifecycle management to access request and access intelligence.

Read more about the exceptional features of CI in this Executive View compiled by KuppingerCole.

The analysts stated that the vendors featured in the list are strong alternatives for organizations looking to replace their on-premise solutions as well.

The report took special notice of our efforts in minimizing manual intervention for access requests, a functionality that reduces human error. They called it a “well-thought-out approach” for rule-based role assignments and birthright provisioning and mentioned our strong mover processes as well.

These functionalities are crucial within an organization. The movements of employees and management of accesses are imperative for both productivity as well as security.

We provide contextually deep, complex IGA requirements uniquely positioned to cater to the needs of the mid-market.

The analysts took notice of our “easy-to-use” workflow builder, that provides flexibility for even multi-level workflows along with key functionalities like auto-provisioning and de-provisioning.

The wide range of target system support that we provide was also acknowledged. We provide support for thick-client and thin-client applications alike. The connectors which don’t already exist, are built in a week or two.

The needs of the mid-market

The analysts stated, “Cross Identity CI offers the flexibility to be deployed in various models. As an easy to onboard and use solution, it makes a good choice of IDaaS for organizations that are looking to start their IAM journey without significant effort and investment, favoring a lean IAM operating model that delivers good IGA capabilities and integrates with IDaaS Access Management offerings.”

Organizations in the mid-market, typically with 500 to 5000 employees, experience some of the common difficulties with their security infrastructure. They lack the high investment capabilities that are needed to acquire a solution such as IAM, lack highly skilled human capital in IT, are overwhelmed with unmet regulatory compliances, and, most importantly, need quick time to value with their investments. ROI is of prime concern here.

CI can be deployed and integrated with ease— a rarity in the industry. Organizations looking to start their IAM journey are usually overwhelmed with multiple solutions. CI is an easy choice as it provides Access Management as well as Identity Governance and Administration functionalities. The value of the product is also easy to convey to internal stakeholders due to the relatively minimal investment it needs along with the high ROI that it provides.

Thus, CI is the ideal choice.

KuppingerCole has stressed that our focus on enabling the right IGA requirements for the mid-market and large customers is our key strength.

The report took notice of the access intelligence functionality of the product, which is crucial for mid-market organizations.

For example, CI automatically grants accesses based on the current set of accesses of the user and the assigned risk score. It also provides intelligent suggestions to the managers. Such functionalities are necessary for organizations as it saves time, does not require manual intervention in most cases and most importantly is secure.

Another of our strengths, as mentioned in the report, is the increased focus on enhancing user and administration experience.

The CI dashboards have a simple UI. Yet, they convey the necessary information needed to make actionable decisions. It is a consumer-class functionality, made to enhance the efficiency of the user.

Organizations can tailor the product based on their requirements as the customizations of policies and workflows are very simple. The flexibility of such customizations is also recognized as our strength.

We are constantly upgrading the product functionalities with features such as CIAM and one of a kind risk-engine. This engine will combine the intelligence data of Access Management and Identity Governance and Administration to provide a holistic risk management solution.

Partners, customers, and analysts alike have well appreciated the ROI of CI.
This is a testament to our efforts in enabling customers with the right kind of solutions without additional frills.

If you want to partner with us or know more about our product, reach out to us here.

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