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Identity and Access Management for SMBs with High Feature Usage


Most Identity and Access Management solutions have a rough usage of features of around 50%. They are built with one thing in mind – to improve bottom-lines by catering to the common denominator of customers. These are ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions and the features that they include are what make products just ‘useable’ by all possible kinds of customers. There is no R&D for catering to specific needs. Often, these products are developed with glitzy features that represent the latest trends – not features that form a solid IAM foundation and serve the real needs of the organization. These products have low overall usage of functionalities, a lack of tailored features (for your industry or size segment), and a heavily bloated price as SMBs pay the same price for solutions that are designed for the pockets of large enterprises.

Here’s a fact that supports these statements: despite the still-quite-prevalent use of thick-client (desktop) apps such as SAP, next to zero vendors have solutions that integrate with these kinds of apps. The latest trend in Information Technology is the Public Cloud, and because every organization uses Web apps (almost every organization uses thick-client apps too, in truth – just to a lesser degree), vendors only support these kinds of apps and encourage customers to migrate to the cloud. While the Cloud is a powerful (and rapidly becoming essential) technology, it goes without saying that this mentality is not one of serving customers needs by researching what their requirements are and developing their products accordingly. It is a mentality of trying to cater not to real needs but trying to attract customers with the pretense of ‘the latest technology.’

Cross Identity refuses to be party to this kind of behavior. Born in 2000 of a genuine recognition that organizations need data and identity protection and streamline IT security, we have learned from our countless customers that what really works is what is really needed. We realized that the SMB segment was overpaying grossly for solutions that were not built for them. We decided to develop CI. CI is public-cloud compatible but is not just another cloud solution. Sporting on-premise and private cloud compatibility too, it was built for SMB pockets and requirements from the ground up. It possesses patented thick-client Single Sign-On capability which is entirely unique in the industry, and with a 95% overall usage rate of its features that are essential to SMB IAM, it is the only product of its kind. It is rich yet simple and agile but powerful and is built with SMB budgets and IT staff limitations in mind.

Why pay more for features that you will never use while missing out of features that you absolutely need? Don’t become a victim the archaic, seller-centric mentality that plagues the vendor landscape today. CI promises a superior solution at a fraction of the price.

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