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9 Key Challenges in IAM Implementation and its Solutions

IAM implementation

Today, Identity and Access Management is synonymous with complexity. Its implementation is burdened with stories of failures, unmet targets, and a long list of processes that are often disappointing. IAM, essentially, thrives on a balance between data security and user experience. As the volume of systems, users, and data grows, the need for robust identity and access management solutions grows as well. This means, the expertise to manage accounts and their access becomes essential.

Cross Identity has been in the IAM domain for over 20 years now and has seen the industry grow into a large spectrum of solutions. While traditional IAM products are supposed to bring in efficiency and security in an organization, it has, instead become a pain point for organizations due to its long tail of implementation complexities. Besides, smaller organizations are reluctant to invest their time, cost, and energy into an overwhelming implementation.

Leading analysts describe the typical approach to several IAM projects as relying on “Medieval concepts” to address the challenges to manage IAM programs. Backed by years of implementation experience, we are completely altering the course of this old-school approach by addressing each issue to provide a seamless implementation experience.

1.An array of disordered processes and their automation: When an IGA implementation is done without enough planning, distorted user lifecycle processes tend to get automated. This results in a lot of plastering work for the process to function, ultimately leading up to a lot of manual intervention which in turn nullifies the point of automating the process. With such complexity, a lot of teams tend to lose interest in the IGA functionalities, altogether.

Our solution: Given such realities, we define the process for the organizations based on their unique requirements. As a result, users experience a seamless and functional process, further encouraging better user adoption.

2. Lack of value visibility or lack of deliverable value: IAM implementations tend to be overambitious and subsequently, the desired plan falls apart. Given how IGA implementations are long and the results are not visible as quickly as promised organizational chaos often ensues. The interest of the executives funding the IAM operation is stifled due to the complexity, which eventually fails the entire implementation. The ripple effect of an inadequate plan can be terminal to a process of this scale.

Our solution: We provide smaller deliverables for the products as a “low-hanging fruits first” approach which piques the interest of end-users as well as executives. Once they experience the right movement in the right direction and perceive value in the investment made, ( through weekly demonstratable deliverables that create an exciting space for on-going progress) the pace automatically picks up. This is achieved by prioritizing high-value, low-risk elements that set the right momentum for the implementation.

3. IGA is perceived only as a technology project: IGA is often understood only from the perspective of technology while it is an integral function to transform and streamline business needs. Eventually, this causes a distinct contradiction between the IGA strategy built on an executive level and the actual business requirements at the execution level which further leads to low user adoption.

Our solution: We treat IGA deployment as a broadly scoped business process re-engineering project, not merely a technology project. IGA is approached as a platform for adopting best practices and redesigning processes for the management of user access. This encourages business participation wherein end-users are provided with the necessary accesses while maintaining the minimum requirement for trust elevation.

4. IT and business stakeholders are the two parallel lines that never meet: This is often a very crucial aspect in successful IAM implementation. In several IAM implementations given the length of the adoption process and its complexity, the stakeholders lose interest and divert budget without heeding the IT issues at hand for better adoption.

Our Solution: We have made IAM a more business-centric program by making simplicity a driving factor. Be it through our workflows, personalized dashboards or seamless application integration, we have ensured everyone in an organization can start using our applications from day one, absolutely hassle-free.

5. Need for an expert: Most IAM functionalities need an expert to set it up and require further assistance for major attributes. As a result, the length of user adoption and the complexity of a product is inversely proportional to the interest of the end-users. After all, who wants to spend hours in understanding a product or always require additional expertise to handle when its objective is to provide efficiency?

Our Solution: We provide OOTB connectors that enable you with easy plug and play options. Even your new hire can start using the software and be productive from day one. We provide one of a kind dashboards in the industry—these are persona-based dashboards that decentralize the IAM operations ensuring the concerned people view the reports of their interest and efficiency is not compromised. All the admin needs to do is assign roles and add users to them—and voila!

6. Cumbersome workflows, too complex to follow through: Architecting and configuring options are oftentimes too complex. The workflows are tedious to set up and almost always need an expert to execute it.

Our solution: We provide a simple, easy, customizable product that is quick and easy to configure. The workflows are simple to set up and do not need an expert to drive it. Our solution provides automated built-in workflows to ensure assignments are carried out, reminders are sent, tasks are delegated or reassigned so that the process is escalated if a task is not completed.

7. Poor user adoption and training: End-users tend to lose interest in the product with long training procedures and furthermore with the complexity associated with the product.

Our Solution: No training required! You read that right, our products are so simple to use and implement that end-users do not even require training to start imbibing it.

8. The never-ending implementation time: IAM implementations typically take between 6 months to 2 years and require further investment for maintenance and upgrades. This usually results in outdated IAM program plans—as the plans defined in the year zero to final success is a long gap, loss of interest, and poor user adoption.

Our solution: Developed with a holistic understanding of the pain points of the customers, our products can be implemented within weeks. A complete IAM solution that features Access Management as well as Identity Governance and Administration has never been implemented with this efficiency and success before. And moreover, the products are all in cloud thus eliminating the hassles of hardware. They are easy to implement, highly scalable, and provides seamless security.

9. Unaffordable solutions: IAM solutions have always been expensive. It automatically makes it difficult for business stakeholders and IT to agree upon investing in one in the first place. The larger organizations invest in it out of security necessities, but this reason becomes a barrier for the mid-market organizations.

Our solution: Along with providing a complete product, it is competitively priced. It is built from the ground up with the objective to make cybersecurity affordable for everyone without compromising on quality. This ensures that all organizations experience Identity Management without hassles.

Our product, CI is an IAM breakthrough. It has Access Management, Identity Governance and Administration, and Privileged Access Management functionality—with multiple deployment modes. It surpasses all the previous implementation qualms that the industry had and can be implemented within no time. It is an ideal solution for those of you who’re looking for a new, all-in-one IAM solution and for those of you who want to explore the Identity Governance and Administration functionalities for the first time. It is simple, provides rapid time to value, is cost-effective, and is backed by our implementation experience.