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IAM for Microsoft Azure AD: Patching Up The Giant’s Armor

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure suite is industry standard when it comes to cloud computing. The solution is multifaceted, highly capable, and if you throw a stone in the general direction of B2B cloud computing, you will always hit an app that has been built to work closely with Azure (much like computer programs and Microsoft Windows).

However, since the platform offers some Identity and Access Management functions inbuilt, many businesses today are under the false impression that Microsoft Azure is enough to solve their IAM needs. Nothing is farther from the truth.

Azure’s architecture is almost exclusively public cloud based. This means that legacy, homegrown and thick-client apps can only be integrated with the environment in very roundabout ways, indeed if at all. And today, despite mass migration to the public cloud, many businesses prefer to continue using legacy and thick-client apps for familiarity or even security reasons (although, unless the business is Banking or Healthcare or similar, public cloud security is arguably better). IAM solutions too, generally offer their own suite features that are independent from Azure’s IAM solutions. They operate under the assumption of not adopting Azure’s IAM features and are not designed to work with it.

Cross Identitys such as CI are designed to work as 100% standalone IAM suites, or to complement and integrate with existing Azure IAM functions. This means that these solutions not only offer a powerful suite to solve IAM challenges, but customers can also choose the functions they need to work alongside Azure IAM such as Azure SSO. Instead of just a minimal IAM system (Azure) or rip-and-replace trending IAM solutions, you can utilize Azure’s functions to the fullest and patch up gaps in your IAM requirements.

Through Microsoft Azure Access Channels, Cross Identity solutions can:

  • Automate role or attribute-based birthright provisioning even to non-AD apps
  • Offer a high degree of control with self-service access requests paired with multi-level approval processes
  • Perform automated access reviews and recertification campaigns
  • Manage Orphan Accounts

Cross Identitys deliver:

  • Cutting edge and fully capable IAM solutions that can empower your Azure environment (or perform independently if need be)
  • Ultrafast implementation: go live in days, not months
  • Automated HR Database → AD provisioning
  • Virtually incomparable ROI, better than any competitors by miles
  • Symbiotic product philosophy: empower and offer choice rather than rip, replace, and assert dominance

Combine Microsoft’s powerful public-cloud platform with precision IAM that can integrate with it to experience an environment free from compatibility and cross-functionality challenges. Let our highly capable and economical solutions work for you.

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