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High ROI with Cross Identity Access Management Power Bundles

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Just a few years ago, Access Management was still considered a luxury or ‘nice-to-have’ by most organizations. But today, especially in a post-covid era, access management is almost mandatory for business continuity and growth. Now it is clearly established that the benefits of security and efficiency of having access management installed far outweigh the costs of the purchase and implementation.

Single Sign-On(SSO) leads to significantly improved efficiency when one click in the morning signs an employee into all his apps. The security benefit of not needing to remember (or god forbid, jot down) multiple passwords is a boon as well. Multifactor Authentication also enhances security considerably.

Passwords that are forgotten, or that are changed cyclically, also present a challenge. Helpdesk costs and lost productivity from on-the-move employees getting locked out of their apps surmount to huge costs for organizations. A good access management product with password management capabilities enables a mobile workforce to stay efficient and effective while minimizing costs significantly.

But Access Management today is a technology resulting from over 20 years of development. It is complex and deep in its scope. There is a whole plethora of features available with different degrees of complexity, with fine-grained features available. But, most organizations, particularly ones belonging to the burgeoning mid-market segment, don’t need fine-grained features. They need just a handful of Access Management features and need these features at the right price. Today’s product landscape is blind to this. It sells solutions that are packed with all possible features that any organization of any size might need (i.e., the common bottom line) or flashy features that attract customers. What is lacking is a product that sells just the required features at a reduced price, as Access Management products around the world can cost quite a dollar.

Another enormous challenge is implementation. Access Management skills are quite rare. To have staff on hand that can implement a solution effortlessly is limited, and nobody wants to waste precious time of their team on implementations anyway.

Cross Identity solves all these challenges with its Access Management Power Bundle. It offers just the features needed by a mid-sized or small business at the most economical cost possible. It also comes bundled with implementation services. Utilizing our vast partner network, we provide implementation services around the globe. Now, you do not need to think much about your purchase – the ROI is near-instant with revolutionary implementation times and a limited number of highly used features. Don’t bother your staff with trying to understand Identity Management; you can sit back and let one of our partners implement the product for you.

The bundle has an extensive menu of what additional features you could implement and the time to implement the same. Just pick the ones you need installed immediately or are unable to implement yourself (customers can typically implement some modules despite unskilled staff) and have it working for you within months.

Cross Identity implementation services in tandem with our extensive partner network are best in class. Our partners are certified to our standards with deep experience of having implemented all kinds of IAM solutions for over 20 years.
So getting your Access Management environment active is a matter of selecting a feature to be implemented on our Bundle menu and getting your money’s worth almost instantly!

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To know more about which features make more sense to you or learn about the various inclusions in our access management power bundle, check out CI.

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