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Some of the things that come as part and parcel of dealing with software solutions from vendors are – the need for expertise in each product, vendor management, OPEX payments, stakeholder management, ensuring high ROI, and of course, user adoption.

If there is a need for a solution in your organization, it isn’t simply fulfilled once you purchase convincing the stakeholders involved. Managing the product is a task that persists throughout the product’s lifecycle in your organization.

These are necessary, as well. But, sometimes, it becomes more complicated than necessary.

Take Identity and Access Management, for example. The domain has evolved vastly over the last decade. There are several players in it as well. Now, because the domain is so vast—it has conveniently been separated into various functions such as Access Management, Identity Governance, Privileged Access Management, Password Management, and more. These solutions are also sold as several different solutions, each catering to a different need. This blog will tell you as why this is not something you have to deal with when you have an out.

Why choose between different solutions, when the purpose is the same?

What is the innate purpose of Identity Management solutions? To ensure seamless productivity while maintaining security—at all times. Comprehensive security from internal as well as external threats. This is what a complete Identity Management does.

In the market today, there are Governance, Access Management, Password Management that offer in-depth feature-packed solution.

Here is the qualm, to build a home, you need a roof, you need the bricks to build the house, you need windows for ventilation, functioning door, and more. You’ll still need a roof after you purchase a door, you cannot build a complete home without it.

Neither can you have a door with exquisite detailing and miss out in windows because you invested too much in the former. This is the problem with buying too many solutions from different vendors.

You may even have to choose between selecting between certain in-depth feature-packed solution. Even if you have bought an in-depth IGA solution and don’t even use some of its additional features, how is it going to help your Privileged Access security?

You need one solution that caters exactly to the demands of your organization, without frills. A solution that covers all its bases in terms of providing a complete Identity Management solution.

In an organization, there are fires that you have to put out and stabilize everywhere. You can’t focus on one issue and ignore the others.

Here are some facts to back this up-

You cannot ignore password management. Despite regular security training, employees are bound to be careless with their password one way or the other. According to a report, the most commonly used password is 123456 (yes, you can facepalm), 73% of users have the same password for multiple sites, and 33% of the people use the same password every time. Single sign-on and password management is crucial in ensuring such habits don’t end up in a breach.

Accesses in an organization have to be taken care of with utmost security. There has to be a stringent workflow to approve accesses. Timely review of the accesses to discontinue or continue them as needed.  According to a report by Varonis, on average, every employee had access to 17 million files and 1.21 million folders. This is alarming enough to know that accesses cannot be distributed like flyers.

Privileged accesses account for 80% of the data breaches according to a Forrester report. It is essential to protect such accounts with an efficient Privileged Access Management solution.

These are only some statistics to showcase the importance of every element in an IAM solution. None of these solutions can be ignored for the other. It is essential to have one solution that can ensure all the functionalities, seamlessly, while allowing you to implement it with a phased wise approach.

Cross Identity is one such solution that ensures you are equipped with all the IAM functionalities along with PAM and CIAM. All of this and more with simple user experience, at an affordable price, and guaranteed user adoption with high ROI.

Reach out to us today to know more about our Identity Management solution.

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