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Cross Identity – IAM’s Magic Well


You threw a dime in the wishing well. “IAM that’s made for me” you thought.
Wish no more.

SMBs that have wanted a comprehensive IAM package that costs less can now delight in Cross Identity.

Large and medium businesses that desired the power of the Public Cloud in their IAM solution can pray for something else instead. Identity Plus fulfils.

Businesses in Pharma, Manufacturing, BPO and Banking can sigh in relief as their industry specific IAM requirements have been solved with Niche Identity

If you went to IBM, CA, Oracle or RSA to purchase IAM – but don’t want to wait forever and a day to have the solution implemented, Hybrid Identity implements, governs, and even enhances these solutions for you.

Save your dimes. Do IAM the right way with Cross Identity Smart Identity™ solutions.

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