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Cross Identity™ Converged IAM Platform (CIP) For All Business Sizes

Cross Identity™ Converged IAM Platform (CIP) For All Business Sizes

Siloed Access Management or Identity Governance and Administration can’t offer the level of security that Cross Identity can.

And other CIPs don’t have the single-code technology to offer the same level of security.

Single-Code CIP Exclusive Security Features

  1. Initiate micro-certification for profiles that repeatedly fail to authenticate.
  2. Step-up authentication if the time since the last Access Review for the account is exceeded.
  3. Password-less Multifactor Authentication prompts for re-registration of biometrics if authentication repeatedly fails. It is a self-service process that uses any Government ID card along with one valid biometric.
  4. Multiple successful authentications in a day result in step-down authentication for the remainder of the day.
  5. Check whether the account is an Orphan Account and step-up authentication or deny the access.
  6. Step-up authentication based on the list of access and entitlements. Secure against insider threats from non-privileged accounts with sensitive access or access combinations.

IGA With a Difference

Full-suite IGA products are reportedly cumbersome and difficult to navigate. Access Requests demand a whole range of fine-grained settings to be configured for just a few entitlements. Access Requests have the same weighty problem.

Cross Identity’s Just-Right-IGA™ simplifies IGA while retaining the feature breadth and depth required for most organizations.

IGA Feature

True Password-less Authentication

No masked or hidden credentials.

Like-A-Glove™ Privileged Access Management

  • Account Discovery, Cloud PAM Tools, On-Premises PAM tools, and Session Monitoring.
  • Just the right level of control without being bogged down by excessive customization.
  • Cross Identity™ is the only CIP with PAM features that fit most organizations like a glove.
PAM | Cross Identity

Full Zero-Trust Enablement

  • Centralized Authentication
  • Contextual Password-less Authentication for both business application MFAs and SSO.
  • Least-privilege enforcement through PAM and IGA.
  • Continuous Access Governance
  • Segregation of Duties
  • Integrated with CloudStrike™ Falcon EPP for endpoint security.
  • Integrated with CloudEdge™ for secure and seamless cloud migration.

Cross Identity™ – Convergence With A Difference

Cross Identity’s single-code Access Management and Identity Governance & Administration convergence offers superior authentication security compared to other CIPs and siloed Access Management software.

Cross Identity™ Password-less Authentication doesn’t hide or mask credentials. It eliminates them.

Just-Right IGA™ and Like-A-Glove™ IGA and PAM ensure complete control without overheads and cumbersome customization.

It enables a complete Zero-Trust environment through its native features and third-party integrations and has an ergonomic and consumer-like UI.

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