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Cross Identity at A Glance 2018

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The year 2018 has witnessed some of the most unprecedented developments in the history of Cross Identity.

The enhanced Identity Governance & Administration product of Cross Identity called “Identity Plus” has moved into the public cloud. The latest version is extremely convenient, powerful and easily implementable compared to IGA public cloud offering in the industry. Additionally the launch of CI which is a product for the Identity Governance & Administration combined with Access Management has been one of the hallmarks of Cross Identity in the year 2018. Simple and yet very comprehensive it is an ideal product for organizations; small or mid-sized, who are looking to begin a comprehensive Identity and Access Management journey. The product has been received exceedingly well by the market. There are no other parallel offerings of this kind in the industry.

The Cross Identity old workhorse, “Niche Identity” incorporated some very advanced industry specific features. Niche identity SSO has now gone in to truly solving problems for specific industries segments, unlike any other SSO product in the industry. There are variations of Cross Identity Niche SSO for specific industry segments; such as Banking, BPO’s, Call centers and many others. It continues to gain its advantage in the fact that it is the only product in the industry which supports “Thick Clients”. Cross Identity was granted two international patent in this area during the year. The Niche Password management has also gotten much stronger. It is one of the few products in the industry that lies in the class of true “Enterprise Password management”. The product can be equated only to offerings from companies like Hitachi or Avatier. Very large number of installations went live in Europe on the product, showing the quality and comprehensiveness of the offering.

One of the highlights of 2018 was Hybrid Identity and its evolution into providing integration with products like OKTA, SalePoint and, RSA. This is based on the premise that many customers have got existing investments in Identity Management technologies that is serving a good purpose. Cross Identity has been committed to integrate those existing technologies with the additional elements that are needed by them. Cross Identity expertise in the area of integration and managed services for over 18 years is now truly relevant in developing solutions under the Hybrid Identity framework.

Market Reach
Moving to the distribution of the products Cross Identity made major inroads with partners. Capgemini, one of the most valued partner of Cross Identity moved in to have many more installations in Europe, once again showing the strength of Cross Identity offerings. Cognizant Technologies has done some wonderful work with Cross Identity in opening new accounts for Identity Management in the US.

Much larger reach is now available for Cross Identity in the Asian markets where in addition to global providers like TCS, Cognizant and others Cross Identity now has relationships with very large regional service providers. The market of Australia is beginning to shape up for Cross Identity Where major groundwork has already been done to create partnerships for furthering its business in the region Next year. Cross Identity internal sales force is also is now fully oriented to support partners which is now the primary intent of Cross Identity sales.

Industry Solution:
Cross Identity is already committed to not only build general solutions but satisfy specific industries, building solutions that would cater to their specific needs. The development of CI to suit the requirements of small and mid-sized banks both for Access Management and Identity Governance & Administration have been one of the hallmarks in this area. The availability of Niche Single Sign-On for the pharmaceutical industry to provide SSO for the shop floor applications as well as the availability of specific features for the BPO/Call centers has been one of the key achievements in that area.

Relationship with the Technology Partners:
As we all know Cross Identity does not see any product provider as a competition to itself and its goal is to always focus on the requirements of the customers rather than making money by selling only its own products.

Cross Identity its committed to understand and further its integration with other technologies, indeed even in cases where Cross Identitys are not chosen at all. Cross Identity continues to contribute to customers by implementing and providing managed services on other technologies. Cross Identity relationship with IBM, RSA, and CA now SailPoint is ample proof of its continued commitment to customer solutions rather than selling only its own products.

In summary the vision of Cross Identity which is to provide “Round pegs for Round holes,” got even stronger. Upcoming integration and work in OKTA and SailPoint are clear proof points. Cross Identity growth both in terms of revenue and profitability in 2018 has been most impressive over the last five years, it amply demonstration the success of its unique strategy.

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