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Cinderella’s Slipper for IAM: Cross Identity Fits SMEs like a Glove

Cindrella sliper

Searching High and Low for a Solution that Actually has Your Small or Medium Enterprise in Mind
Like Prince Charming searching for the girl who fits his glass slipper, you have been searching for the solution that fits your SME organization perfectly. You have looked far and wide – at small and large vendors alike – but the CAs and Oktas of the world simply don’t seem to want to fulfil your needs. They create and sell solutions that are generic and try to sell the same solution to everyone. You pay through the nose for features that you most likely will never use.

Extremely Poor ROI
We have learned, through customer feedback and through the grapevine, that customers often pay millions for IAM solutions that never get fully implemented. They are blocked in utilizing the features that they need by features that are added within the flow of the product but are designed for other kinds of companies. An organization may buy a solution for millions of dollars, see a 1 or 2 year implementation time, and find that only 5 applications have been integrated at the end of this period. They also frequently find themselves on the dashboard of these products, being asked to choose options for features they don’t want – and being unable to progress further in using the solution unless they choose one of the options.

Not to mention that building a product that is designed for every possible use case in mind (while, in truth, many essential use cases are ignored and only ‘popular and easy to answer or easy to sell’ use cases are provided for) is a monumentally expensive task that shows in the end in the customer’s cost.

So many organizations (especially SMEs) are forced by most IAM vendors to purchase extremely expensive solutions that a) don’t have some of the features that are required and b) are bloated solutions that are too complex for a typical SME’s needs.

Refreshingly Honest IAM
Cross Identity CI is the first solution in the IAM industry that has been engineered and priced especially for SMEs. It has everything that an SME typically needs in terms of Single Sign-On, Password Management, User Lifecycle Management and Access Governance, costs a fraction of what other vendors offer, and isn’t overly complex. This is aside from the fact that it takes only a few weeks – not years – to fully implement.

The (Sad) State of the IAM Landscape
A good standard to judge a vendor – particularly in an industry such as IAM that should have a strong ethical foundation– is whether they cater to the existing needs of organizations by securing them as they are. Unfortunately, the IAM industry is full of vendors looking for just another business opportunity. They create solutions that are responses to the trending IT landscape (eg. Public Cloud), without a care for the actual situation of potential customers. They tell you that cloud is the future (it is), and that you must migrate to it to avail their solutions. The biggest example of this behavior is the complete lack of Single Sign-On and Provisioning support in the industry for thick-client apps. All kinds of organizations still rely heavily on thick-client apps such as ERPs (SAP etc.) and other device specific apps (like in manufacturing). It is both too expensive, and sometimes a poor idea in terms of security to migrate. It is sometimes safer to have a local, on-premise server and app installation than to have it on a Public Cloud. The industry, sadly, has chosen to completely ignore this because ‘the cloud is the future’ and they feel that that’s where the real money is.

Cross Identity CI features patented technology that can Single Sign-On and Provision to thick-clients. It can also be hosted on public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise.

What is clear here is that organizations (especially SMEs) are currently getting the short end of the stick from the IAM industry. The sharks that have taken over the vendor landscape only really care about bottom lines and not about providing proper security, ease of access, and integrating admin security functions and protecting people the best they can from cyber-threats.

Cross Identity’ Call to Truth
Here’s where Cross Identity is different. It is our vision, mission and core belief that everyone deserves excellent IAM solutions that are suited to their pockets and needs. We believe that solutions should help customers – not bleed them. They should protect them at all costs – not cost them to protect themselves. They should enhance user experience through ease of access (which improves security) and give admins an integrated IT security experience by providing things like an Identity Repository that collects information from Enterprise Directories and HR and presents a unified statement. This, we believe, is our responsibility as an IAM company. Just as the military exists to serve as the defense of a nation, IAM providers exist to protect organizations and their customers from cyber-crime.

Cross Identity is committed 100% to this vision, urges other vendors to do the same, and provides solutions such as CI which does what other solutions do not – provides cost-effective, perfect-fit cybersecurity that is constantly being improved.

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