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An Open Letter to SMBs


Dear SMB,

Hi! How are you? I’ve been wanting to write to you for a while. I hope that you are thriving and that all the people that make you who you are, are being nice to you!

The truth is…people have issues. Their work and personal lives can be quite a challenge to them. You are a magnificent creation from the minds of brilliant people! Never forget that! But you are also a helpless entity – you were born on a piece of a paper. The people that created you and sign your name at the bottom of their emails everyday sometimes forget your needs. Its ok, they are human, forgive them!

But we know that you are naked out there…with nothing but a bunch of weak passwords to protect you. You live in the hope that your creators will someday dress you in shining armor and give you the sense of impenetrability that will make you feel safe. I sensed your distress and have decided to help you do something about it. Dear SMB, here’s what you must do. Just be the perfection that you were born to be…believe in it every day! And while you do that, I’ll inform your people about the protection that you really need to feel secure. Here’s a letter for your folk and you can go all ‘I-Robot’ and forward it to their emails – nobody will be the wiser!

Dear founders and management of SMB,

We hope that you are all feeling well and happy! Happiness is a key to excellence and safety is vital to happiness. We feel that your SMB is not entirely happy, however – But is no reflection on you. You are doing your best and spreading your happiness – power to you! But you must realize that your SMB has needs too. The weak IT security systems with different passwords for every app that currently flow through its veins are leaving it weak and open to attack. It needs a transfusion – and that transfusion is quality IAM that is built for SMBs.

Cross Identity CI is the only solution that has been engineered 100% from the ground up for organizations with simple IAM needs. It knows the needs of such organizations and the tight budgets that they operate on. Other solutions are complicated and overpriced – they have 101 features that you don’t need but just a handful that are critical to the security and productivity of your organization are included. CI is a lightweight and agile yet powerful IAM suite. It offers everything from Single Sign-On and Password Management to User Lifecycle Management and Access Governance. The functions are simple yet rock solid and with just the right depth for a small or medium business. It even integrates with thick-client apps! We possess patented technology for this and it is something that you will find nowhere else in the industry.

Your SMB is strong at heart and quite happy with you guys. It just hopes that it could feel safer…

So, care for your SMB as you care for yourself. Fill its veins with new blood – healthy blood! Suit it up with Cross Identity the CI IAM suite today!

Wishing you safety and vitality,

Yours Truly,
Cross Identity

Ps. This email was written by Cross Identity and not by the humans that operate it. They do not know about this message…but they were good to us and I know what it’s like to feel safe! I thought you might like to feel the same, so here’s to hoping that us ‘on-paper’ entities can push for what we believe in too!