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Adoption of IDaaS, Why is There a Hesitation?


Organizations around the world are adopting cloud technology. As businesses evaluate different ways to efficiently manage identities, applications, and valuable business information stored in cloud, they are certain to come across IDaaS (Identity as a Service).

Essentially, IDaaS is a security environment where identities, access rights, and connected information is hosted and managed by a third-party provider.

IDaaS is seeing immense popularity and businesses are willing to know more about it, but when it comes to adoption of the same, there is hesitation due to the following reasons:

1.  Lack of Flexibility

IDaaS solutions generally lack flexibility, such as:

Customization: For instance, as your organization onboards a new user, you welcome her by e-mailing a gift-card. The IDaaS provider may not be able to customize such a request.

Localization: The organization may request the provider to incorporate the Japanese language for the clients in Japan. The provider might say that the software supports only English and designed for the US audience.

Personalization: Say, you need to update your company’s logo or change a theme; the provider may take months to make all the changes or at times, may deny the request altogether because their software doesn’t support or allow for the same.

2. Loss of control

Sure, the company owns the identity, but when they decide to host the identities on a third-party server, they will invariably lose control of all the identities since the IDaaS provider now manages them.

3. Dependency on the provider

It is quite possible that one day, the cloud servers become unavailable, and none of the identities, access rights, and connected information that was hosted and managed by the provider is accessible. This is equivalent to the loss of critical business data, and in such an event, where should the organization go about chasing the IDaaS provider?

4. Privacy Issues

Every provider today promises the privacy of identities on their cloud server. They may also present you with certificates that signify their compliance with security and privacy regulation. However, the fact that identities belong to you but ultimately preserved on a third-party cloud server is enough to raise questions about the privacy of your identity.

So, now the question is, should organizations give in to apprehensions about IDaaS and continue to invest time in weighing their options for better security? Well, we believe all you need is the right IDaaS vendor who can counter the drawbacks mentioned above and will help your organization achieve optimal security.

Our product- CI is a disruptive solution architected to deliver not only Access Management but also Identity Governance and Administration. CI offers the following capabilities:

1. Flexibility:

We aim to change a preconceived notion about IDaaS products being rigid towards change by providing-

Customization: CI supports extensive customization with RPA tools like Automation Anywhere.

Localization: CI supports multiple languages and uses a framework that adds new languages easily, and others can be configured.

Personalization: CI supports the ability for changing themes, company logos, and so on, to help integrate with your organization’s look and feel.

2. Legitimate control:

Of course, your identities, access rights, and connected information is hosted and managed on our server, but all data is stored using the AES256 (military-grade encryption), and Cross Identity has no access to the keys. Rest assured, we will never compromise your data.

3. Reliable dependency:

Cross Identity is a 19+ year old company, a profitable company with a history behind us, and there is no risk that we will go out of business. So, the question of our servers going down and you losing out on your data critical will never arise.

4. Assured Privacy:

Cross Identity hosts CI on AWS or Azure, both of which have the highest standards of data security, privacy, and compliant with global standards.

Gartner predicts that by 2022, IDaaS will make up more than 80 percent of new access management purchases around the world. The best security stance offers a frictionless user experience and enables people to do their job, all the while protecting them from the real risks of this age of innovation.

So, IDaaS certainly has a significant place in the future of security. So, it’s about time we rise above the hesitations and make sure a robust IDaaS solution becomes an integral part of every organization that embraces rapid digitization.

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