Interview with our Partner, Ashtech Infotech
Ashtech | Cross Identity
  • Please give us a brief overview of your company

    Ashtech is a system integration and services organization that believes in delivering unmatched business value to its customers through a combination of Technology Strength, Process Excellence, Quality Frameworks, and Service Delivery. 

  • Could you tell us why you chose to partner with Cross Identity?

    Currently, we do not have IAM Solution providers - We do sell other solutions & IAM will complete this story – We chose to partner with the best IAM solution provider in the industry so that we will be able to deliver end to end solutions to our customers.  

  • What do you think are the pain points of the IAM industry today, and how do you wish to address them?

    IAM industry is an untouched. We are fortunate to have a win with Cross Identity in the banking segment. We have discovered that we provided solutions that catered to their pain area. We plan to replicate the same pattern in the BFSI sector. 

  • How do you see Cross Identity solutions in collaboration with your organization making a difference in the IAM space?

    Currently, we are stitching multiple solutions for our customers, which presents many challenges. CI by Cross Identity is an all-in-one holistic IAM solution. This  converged IAM platform will help us in presenting better solution to our customers and help them realize huge ROI in no time.

  • What are your biggest strengths that you want to bring to the forefront along with Cross Identity?

    We have a huge customer base & that is our biggest strength. With Cross Identity we will have an opportunity to upsell and cross sell and at the same time, and we will be able to present a comprehensive IAM solution with a consultative approach.  

  • What do you think is the rising technology demand in this industry especially?

    Since most of the companies have moved to work from home due to the pandemic and this trend is only going to grow bigger in the next few years, securing endpoints has become important and that is one of the primary reasons to include Cross Identity and its converged IAM platform, CI in our engagements.

  • What is your vision or roadmap for 2021 in terms of your partnership with Cross Identity?

    We have already had a great collaborative win in the banking segment – We are looking to close many more deals in 2021 with Cross Identity.