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The traditional approach to IAM comes with a host of challenges. Buying the license of a solution often amounts to capital expenditure. This strays the stakeholders further away from investing in an IAM solution. A necessary cybersecurity tool of today. Cross Identity delivers a one-of-its-kind metered service for several Identity Management use cases. With this as a service model, pay for only as much as you consume across the various offerings available today.

Identity as a service enables you to embed strong, proven IAM capabilities on metered billing into your IT security infrastructure. You get an extremely elastic cost model, that supports changes to users and their usage. The need to negotiate new licenses and subscription charges or pay for unutilized licenses is eliminated. As you move to a pay-as-we-use model and prefer OpEx, a fully managed cloud-hosted, consumption-based delivery from Cross Identity deserves serious consideration.

Key Business Benefits

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Faster Budget

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Pay As You use-01

As You Use

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Low Cost

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Metered Billing





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No Hardware Costs

Authentication as a Service

Authentication mechanisms serve as a barrier between your application and the bad actors. However, simple passwords no longer serve as the best security measures. Thus, to meet the threat landscape of today, and catch up to the proliferating security vulnerabilities we have several authentication mechanisms for organizations to choose.

These are based on the 6 factors of authentication:

6 factors of Auth new | Cross Identity
  • Two-factor authentication – This adds a layer of security to passwords. A user can enter their password and an added authentication factor like a security question or OTP that elevates the level of security.
  • Multi-factor authentication – This can have multiple layers of authentication depending on the level of risk associated with the application or the access itself.
  • Passwordless authentication – Usernames and passwords are still overwhelmingly the mechanism used across the world. However, to match the threat landscape of today, intelligent authentication mechanisms are a necessity. With the latest Passwordless Authentication Solution from Cross Identity, users capture their face, voice, and fingerprints on a secure mobile app that is supported by a blockchain. Passwordless Authentication Solution from Cross Identity combines ease of use and enhanced security.

With Authentication as a Service you can:

  • Have better user experience without compromising on the security
  • Move to Passwordless in 30 minutes as well
  • Experience advanced security
  • A high rate of user productivity
  • A wide variety of options for your authentication mechanisms
Authentication as a Service | Cross Identity
Access Management as a service | Cross Identity

Access Management as a Service

Access Management includes functionalities such as Single Sign-On and Password Management. These are crucial in ensuring the user experience and productivity is always seamless.
Access Management as a Service allows you to use the many features that Access Management has to offer without the challenges of purchasing a solution and paying for its license.

With Access Management as a Service from Cross Identity, you can:

  • Utilize the features of Password Management such as Password Reset, Password Synchronization, helpdesk assisted password reset, and more.
  • Single Sign-On to applications without any hassle to the web as well as legacy applications

Identity Governance as a Service

When there are more than a handful of applications and users in an organization, keeping a track of who has access to what is a challenge. However, Identity Governance lets you govern the identities within your organizations. This helps keep with the security posture of the company and provides audit control.

With Identity Governance as a Service you can:

  • Request accesses without hassles, with an equally easy approve/reject option
  • Set up multi-level access approvals
  • Carry out access certification in a scheduled and systematic manner, wherein all the access are available for review in one dashboard
  • Efficient orphan account management lets you eliminate these accounts that have no active/valid user. This eliminates the opportunity of the access coming into the hands of a bad actor.
  • Generate reports with ease helping you stay on track with compliance and audit need
Identity Governance as a Service | Cross Identity
Identity Administration as a Service | Cross Identity

Identity Administration as a Service

While organizations invest in a solution to protect data and applications from the external world, oftentimes, insider threats and a major cause for several security incidents. Identity Administration as a Service helps manage the internal accesses in a way that helps the users with their productivity as well as manage it with secure accesses.

With Identity Administration as a Service you can:

  • Self Service Access Request features that allow your users to request access as and when they need it without intervention from the IT team
  • Birthright provisioning creates user accounts with entitlements for new employees in target applications. This avoids any delay for new employees and enables them to be productive from day one
  • Promotions and transfers can be handled without losing time as access rights are shifted according to roles/jobs within the same company
  • Ease of provisioning and de-provisioning of applications

Privileged Access Management as a Service

Privileged Users are most likely to be under a bad actor’s radar owing to their sensitive nature of accesses. Thus, privileged users need a solution that ensures they can access the applications and carry out responsibilities with ease but at the same time have their accesses secured.

With Privileged Access Management as a Service you can:

  • Have a centralized privileged accounts management
  • Seamless login and individual accountability
  • Password management and credential rotation
  • Session monitoring and recording
  • Ease to obtain audit reports
Privileged Access Management as a Service | Cross Identity
Identity Analytics as a Service | Cross Identity

Identity Analytics as a Service

There is a dire need for security measures to continually monitor organizational activities on every minuscule level. Irrespective of how capable your IT team might be, singling out anomalies in a sea of data is an extremely cumbersome task and yields a lot of lost time. Identity Analytics can solve this for you. Identity Analytics is the enhanced, intelligent, Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution. The user data is collected from several sources and analyzed using the technologies of artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics using cognitive systems, and much more. These systems comb through the vast array of data to provide insights, using which you can make data-driven security decisions.

With Identity Analytics as a Service you can:

  • Get a consolidated access view using dashboards that provide individual and aggregate identity-related data
  • View the data in a concise way that is easy to understand and make actionable decisions
  • Monitor and predict threats due to the proactive approach you can take with intelligent data

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