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Enterprise-class Access Management Solutions

With an aim to make Access Management successful across businesses and industry preferences, we provide seamless solutions. Our specialist software is a cloud-based, granular solution that is built to scale and regulates accesses.

Manage active directories, authorizations, and authentications of users’ identity with features like Single Sign-On, Password Management, and Authentication.
Replace complex solutions , streamline security for user identities and empower yourself with a composite IAM solution.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Employ Single Sign-On (SSO) to thick-client apps like SAP ECC, as well as SAML, non-federated, mobile and web apps through our intuitive launch pad with a single secure password for hassle-free access for all your user identities

SSO 6 | Cross Identity

Make Identity and Access Management hassle-free with secure Identity consolidation

Users get secure integration to the Active Directory (AD)/LDAP systems and self-service AD/LDAP password reset through our access management solution which allows them to effectively manage identities..

Prioritize end-user access with security

Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions provide seamless access to applications for your identities along with Multi-Factor authentication systems that safeguard your credentials against potential hacks/phishing, optimizing security.

To ensure comprehensive security for your accesses, we offer various authentication methods for various systems that verify user identities. Methods such as E-mail OTP, SMS OTP, Challenge-response questions, Biometrics, and soft token are employed. You can also opt for a Two-Factor authentication where you choose 2 options under MFA to secure your user identity credentials.

Enhance efficiency with time-effective management of operations

Having to add multiple applications manually is eliminated. The applications will launch automatically when a user accesses his/her login with the right authentication.

Get multiple domains under the same tenant for unified access

With our multi-domain support, multiple Active Directories can be configured under the same tenant for more coherent management of different identities.

Retain multiple browser preferences with web access management

We configure a specific browser to launch applications automatically so that users can always access the browser of their preference with the right security in place.

Onboard applications all by yourself regardless of technical expertise

The well-designed Do-It-Yourself Wizard enables admins to onboard applications easily, without much assistance, which enables you to obtain access to applications hassle-free

Synchronized end-user experience

Our SSO service is compatible with every device and is fully customizable. Users can access applications on any device. Anytime, anywhere

Get detailed real-time event reports

Admins can easily procure a pre-built report on application usage, user adoption, logins, and password reset of AD accounts—making the management of identities simpler and efficient.

Password Management

We understand a user’s challenges of having multiple passwords for different application accesses, having to remember each of them and updating/changing them regularly.This process is time-consuming, prone to security risks, increases help-desk dependencies and reduces productivity. Put simply, seamless access is the backbone of a productive business. Thus, effective password management is an important aspect of productivity.

 You can eliminate account sign-up

Cumbersome management of multiple credentials is now old school. Users can log in to multiple accounts with just ONE secure credential- maintaining one identity across all applications.

 We offer both, Password and reverse password synchronization.

Change the password as you wish to and the sync will be done. The Active Directory (AD) passwords will be synchronized across all target applications. Also, with Reverse Password Synchronization, target applications passwords will get automatically synced with the Active Directory (AD).

 Experience quick, registration-less password Reset

Users can now reset passwords within seconds, without registration. Even in case of locked screen, lost or forgot passwords, users can access their resources.

securely share passwords | Cross Identity

Seamless Integration

Our objective is to provide users with an optimal Access Management solution that places security at its center. This is regulated as you seamlessly integrate with our Single Sign-On and Password Management solution with any other vendor of your choice.
Users can integrate with Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) products such as ArcSight, IBM Qradar, NetIQ Sentinel, etc and centralized ITSM tools, like ServiceNow, Remedy, etc.